Integration of Information From The Scene With The Customer Team in Facebook Privacy Settings

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Many customers see the value of your confidential data and Facebook privacy settings. You do not want their private intimate information in clear text in the database aggregator sites where you will be saved and watch the players cited in an aggregator. According to Mark in 2004 during the filming of e-mail can be a crime

Mark, e-mail accounts and user profiles in the year 2004 could hack crimes under federal and state law, the law of  Facebook privacy settings

    Mark now oversees the private data of 400 million as CEO of Facebook privacy Facebook privacy settings Facebook privacy settings. Questions were raised as to whether such conduct and the laws of 2004, so that users trust the company to keep your data incorrectly can hurt. (Emphasis added)

Facebook privacy settings intimate and exclusive

Integration of data centers faces the challenge of new competitors, making the integration of customer data with computers instead of tag data center. As explained below, these competitors have significant advantages in data center integration; including increased revenue from targeted advertising, reduce operating costs, fewer regulatory requirements of government, and higher customer satisfaction and advertisers.

Cost reduction

Information integration can be computationally intensive. It is cheaper to make than the competition for the integration with the client computer that the integration of data centers. In addition, competitors with the integration of customer data to reduce their communication costs, that the integration of data centers, such as communication with customers with data centers is less necessary.

Faster response

Since there are less need to interact with data centers competitors by integrating customer data give a faster response than the integration of data centers, because most of the necessary information is already stored in cache on the client computer.

Less regulation

The integration of information in the client computer competitor’s customer information in encrypted data centers that are only decrypted using the private key of the client can. So there are less need for these competitors than those that regulate the integration of data centers, because they less intimate private information in their data centers.

So the Facebook privacy settings are most popular.


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