Car Air Conditioning – 3 Things a Technician Will Not Tell You

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Hi, my name is Wade Richardson with Ford AC and Heating located in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. I’ve been asked what are three things a car air conditioning technician in the Las Vegas and Henderson area will not tell you.

First of all, most all automotive air conditioning systems since 1996 already have dye in the system. If a car air conditioning technician says, “Oh I need to add dye.” Question it because more than likely your vehicle already has dye it’s system. You can call your local dealership and ask them, “Was this vehicle manufactured with dye already in its A/C system?” The automotive air conditioning technician should be able to find a leak without having to add more dye to your vehicle’s A/C system.

The second thing is AC condensers being clean is the most important aspect of your car air conditioning system. If you do not keep your A/C condenser clean your car’s AC system will fail. Obviously car air conditioning technicians in the Las Vegas and Henderson area are not going to tell you because automotive A/C technicians want your business.

The third thing is about the free AC check. The free air conditioning check is basically, yes your car’s air conditioning is blowing cold or no your car air conditioning system is not blowing cold. The car air conditioning technician is using the free A/C check to get you and your vehicle into the shop. Then the auto ac technician will probably tell you, “Okay you need to have your vehicle diagnosed to see why it’s not blowing cold.” During the free A/C check the automotive A/C technician will probably look under the hood and if it’s obvious your car’s air conditioning system’s problem is a blown hose or a blown compressor then the car air conditioning mechanic will do a free A/C check and tell you why. But 90 percent of time an automotive ac technician is going to have to diagnose and figure out why your car ac system is not blowing cold.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that it has been helpful. I’ve been working on Ford, Mercury and Lincoln car air conditioning systems for 13 years. If you have a car air conditioning problem on your Ford, Mercury or Lincoln I would love to help you.


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