How TO Storage IN Warehouse?

It is very important to have a proper storage in warehouse for the items we purchase from suppliers, need to make sure the items been keep in good conditions, no damage, easy to take and keep, and do not expired.

In order to plan of how to storage, the items need to be define in the in basic category such as size, price, items make of what materials and the quantity of the items.

Size is very important because for big items, it will take a big space in the warehouse, if the items not been store properly, it make be easily damage and make the store overloaded. if most items is bulky, then means the warehouse need to be big and high., and it also need to have proper racking to storage.

Price is another key factory to define how to storage, it is very important to safeguard the expensive items from lost , damage and or expired, any possibility of loss should be reduce to minimum.

All expensive items of course need to be storage in locked place, locked bin or cabinet and with some security appliance such as camera or alarm.

Materials used to produce the items also will define how to storage, , example some items need to keep under low temperature, so it will need to be storage in cold room, refrigerator or freezer. And some items may also need to keep under room temperature or under certain temperature, so the warehouse would need to be arrange to ensure the temperature do not exceed the limit, or else the items will be damaged and cannot use.

As warehouse stock always is the biggest and highest in one company,  the stock always contribute a big problems for a company, it not only a big asset for a company, it also will cause a company to have cash flow and turnover problems if they have too much stock, to the worst, the stock having a risk of expired and cannot be use, or discontinue by the customers, means the stock will become dead stock and need to scrap, means a big loss to the company

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