3 Facts That Will Make You Lose 10% Body Fat In 30 Days

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You are about to learn how to lose fat, and how to keep burning that fat. With this information, you will be able to burn 10% of your body fat in 30 days and be able to keep burning it off after that.

There are 3 basic concepts you need to know to lose fat.
1. There are certain foods that cause accelerated fat burning. You have to know these foods.

2. Some foods prevent you from burning fat! You need to know what these are and stay away from them. Some of these foods are even advertised as “healthy” foods! You will be surprised.

3. You have to know how to combine these foods in a specific way to get the full fat burning power from them.

If you follow the above facts, you can expect to:
1. Lose 3-8 pounds the first week

2. Have consistent weight loss after that (these are typical results, not like the fine print in most weight loss schemes that say “these results are not typical”)

3. Never count any calories! I hate that.

4. Never starve yourself, ever. You will find that most people don’t eat enough! Sounds crazy, but it’s true. We don’t eat enough of the right foods and too much of the foods that actually make you store fat. More on that later.

I am ready to start losing fat now. Take me to the fat loss plan so I can decide if it is right for me!

I think that many of you feel like I once did. You are following a specific “diet” to the last detail and you still are not losing weight. Ugh, grrrrr….. you are doing everything they tell you and nothing changes.

So, you search the internet for yet another plan that is going to do it this time. You get up in the morning and weigh yourself after eating nothing but carrots and celery all week and the scale is stuck. You weigh again and there it sits or heaven forbid, it went up!

Yup that has happened to me and I have screamed at the scale more times than I can count.

Is that where you are at?

Don’t worry anymore. I have an explanation for all of this and I have help! You must understand these two main facts:

Sugar is your worst nightmare, enemy #1

I don’t just mean candy and doughnuts kind of sugar. There are “healthy” foods that turn to sugar when they get into your system. Foods like orange juice, whole wheat bread, healthy cereals, foods designated as low fat like “low fat” muffins and “low fat” salad dressings. These foods are causing you to gain weight or at least not to lose fat!
When these foods hit your system, they are turned to SUGAR!

To burn fat off of your body you need to regulate your blood sugar

Here is why: When you eat sugary food your blood sugar goes up. If it stays up for a long period of time, it will be harmful to your body.

Therefore, insulin is released in the blood stream to bring that blood sugar down. Now that’s a good thing as we would all be running around with diabetes if that safety system wasn’t in place.

However, when insulin is released, it signals the body to store fat!

Finally, when insulin is released, it brings the blood sugar down very low so you have gone from an extreme high to an extreme low.

This low causes
moodiness, cravings, hunger, and extreme fatigue.

To burn fat, we need to learn what foods to eat that will not put us in this blood sugar roller coaster.

Take me to the fat loss program now, I’m sick of reading, I don’t care about all the details!

In my next article, I will talk about recognizing the right foods to eat in order to keep your blood sugar levels stable. It is really very simple and I have taken the guess work out of everything for you.

It is amazing what these 3 changes in your diet will do for the fat loss that you are trying to achieve. Women especially have a hard time with fat loss so it is even more important that we as women follow these guidelines.
Know which foods accelerate fat burning
Know which foods keep you from burning fat
Know how to combine these foods to get maximum fat burning power
Sugar is you #1 enemy
Regulate blood sugar to keep from storing fat

These are proven facts, not fad. These eating principals are science based and research proven. They work over the long haul and you will be happy while you are burning fat and eating foods you enjoy.

The continuation of this article is called, “ Lose Fat By Eating These Foods And Burn 3 To 8 Pounds Your First Week”. Click Here to access the article.


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