Health Benefits of Wedding Ring

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Married life has become a great question mark in the modern lifestyle. Does it stop with the exchange of rings? What does wearing or exchanging rings at the wedding ceremony symbolize? Then why so many marriages shattered and courts are filled with divorce cases?

Not only in western culture but also in so many cultures of the world, the wedding ring symbolizes a commitment to one’s spouse. In fact, it has many physical and psychological benefits. Though wedding is a mutual covenant goes “until death puts them apart,” the wedding ring serves as a symbol of hope and a reminder of an eternal relationship in many cases even when a spouse loses his/her spouse.

Wearing a wedding ring

It has been a traditional custom for a couple to exchange wedding rings after they say their vows. The words said during this ritual and the exchange of rings symbolize and reflect the couple’s hopes for their marital life.

The wedding ring worn on that auspicious day symbolizes the mantra that each partner says in heart or expresses outwardly, “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day.”

Wedding ring symbolizes an eternal partnership of happy life

In a Christian wedding the minister administers the ritual of exchanging rings, and both bride and bridegroom take pledge while one of them says, “In token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love, with this ring, I thee wed,” while the other partner responds, “May it keep you ever in my heart and mind when we are absent each from the other. Amen.”

Health benefits of wedding ring

1) Wedding ring for a happy emotional life

A wedding ring is the most emotional piece of jewelry that people buy. Hence they take make it most enjoyable and spend a lot of time in selecting a good design. The jewelry shop owners also are more practical to make it specially designed to suit the taste of couples.

2) Neurological effect of wearing ring

Ancient beliefs, including Indian science of Chakra, believe that ring finger is in the so-called energy meridians of the kidneys and if a finger is placed in a ring circuit, the flow of specific energy intensifies. It is through the finger, the flow enters svathisthana chakra, which is responsible for the genitourinary system, and hence and the sexual sphere. A ring worn on the ring finger can, in this way, enhance sexual life.

3) Alternative medicines suggest wearing a wedding ring

Both traditional and so-called alternative medicines have long recognized that the amount of metal on human body and good health are closely linked. In the case of the wedding ring they tell about “wire-nerves,” passing through the finger. Even today people believe that jewelry acts as a closed circuit and also has an impact on people.

4) Ancient belief

The ancient people were aware of the properties of gold and silver in stimulating the flow of blood and energy which provides energy for urogenital area. They also thought that silver had anti-inflammatory properties.

5) A ring on the ring finger promotes procreation

Procreation is the purpose of wedded life. According to the spics and legends of the Slavs, wearing a wedding ring for more than four hours a day will increase the sexual power. It is said that their sexual power was very high and they traditionally had many children. But today, in the modern world of DINK (Double Income No Kid), a wedding ring is not given importance because people are more particular about pleasure than having kids.

Tips to choose a wedding ring

1) Wedding rings should suit the finger properly

Nowadays, wedding rings are made with elements that can help the couples make adjustments in their size, since the fingers may change in size in course of time. Materials such as titanium and wood are difficult to resize.

2) Enquire about its maintenance

Wedding ring is worn on the finger for a long time and needs to be maintained for long. Enquire about the maintenance properties while choosing a wedding ring. On its face, white gold against yellow gold or platinum may seem to be a matter of aesthetics, but each has its own maintenance problems.

3) Do not go for costly engraving or gems

Since wedding rings are not a mere fashion ornaments, they should not be over-costly or engraved delicately with gems. They should serve the purpose of aesthetic taste as well as a relic of eternal covenant.


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