Benefits of Being Environment Friendly

Spiritual master Babuji Maharaj said, “Be simple and in tune with nature”. There is immense wisdom in these words. Human beings are part of nature. It is their duty to conserve nature and its resources. Otherwise one day our planet will become unfit to live in and human beings will perish. Enough damage has already been done to the environment. It is high time that we wake up and become environment friendly. Individuals and organizations will benefit in the long run if they are environment friendly. 

A study was conducted on 2,600 manufacturing facilities operating in seven countries. This study was conducted by George Mason University researcher Nicole Darnall. The study revealed that companies which incorporated environment friendly processes benefited in the long run. Governments reward these companies with tax benefits.

Going green provides opportunities for organizations to manufacture environment friendly products and to enter new markets. By adopting environment friendly processes, companies can save on toxic waste disposal costs. A research study has revealed that 15% of customers are willing to pay more for green products. Corporate buyers all over the world are showing their inclination towards green products while making purchase decisions.

Eco-friendly cleaning products like vinegar and lemon juice clean more effectively than their eco-unfriendly counterparts. Using soap and shampoo made from eco-friendly ingredients promotes healthy skin and hair. Regular shampoos and soaps are laden with chemicals which may cause damage to hair and skin. 

Avoiding the use of cars will help in reducing green house gases. This prevents pollution. It also saves the cost of fuel and provides exercise for the individual. Constructing eco friendly houses will benefit the individual in the long run. Using email instead of regular mail will save paper. This will save trees from being cut. High efficiency light bulbs will consume 25% of power consumed by regular bulbs. These bulbs also last 10 times longer. 

As per a study conducted by Captaris, a company with 30,000 employees can save over $2 million a year by digitalizing its paperwork. Plastic is a major pollutant. By avoiding use of plastics, individuals and organizations will be saving the planet for the future. 

Governments should frame their policies in an effort to promote environment friendly behavior. Individuals should “go green” and encourage their friends and relatives to do so. 

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