Nudity: The Benefit of Being Without Clothes

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This article is about nudity and the benefits to being undressed. The article nothing to do with sex so if that is the article you’re hoping to read about then you will be disappointed. The article strictly dealing with the health benefits of being nude (undressed). The are several health benefits to being in a state of undress and this article will try to expose some of those benefits.

Probably the most obvious benefit of being nude is that you are being without clothes. Clothes by nature are restrictive. They are restrictive in a couple of way. They can limit you from a full range of movement. More restrictive on your body. That is, clothes tend slow down or stop the flow of blood depending on how tight or loose you like to wear your clothes. The tighter clothes are the more they impede the flow of blood. If you have to wear clothes, which the law says we do if we are in public or in public view, the looser the clothes the better. You want to wear loose cloth but respectfully.

The next benefit to being nude is that the body needs to feel the natural warmth of the sun. Plus there are several other benefits to being exposed to the sun. One of those benefits is the production of Vitamin D which is done by the body with the help of sunlight. There is a host of things where Vitamin D is beneficial. There are also mental and physical benefits to being sensibly exposed to the sun. That would include aiding many of the processes of the body and helps mental processes as it reduces stress, anxiety, and improves your mood.

Note: Sensible exposure generally means 10-15 minutes. Anytime longer than that and it is recommended that sun-tan lotion is applied to the body.

After taking a shower you should remain nude as long as possible. This will allow the moisture still on the body to be absorbed into the skin. It also allows the body to be completely dried before putting on clothes. Bacteria and fungus thrive on the body where there is moisture. So letting the body to completely before covering it with clothes is always a good idea. Those areas on the body that should always stay dry is under the arms, the crotch, and the feet.

These are some of the benefits of being nude. This article is not a proponent of public nudity though. The ban on public nudity is mainly a matter of public safety. This ban on public nudity keeps some possible sexual predators at bay by not exciting those people.


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