Online Pet Loss Support Groups: Connecting With Other Pet Lovers During a Time of Mourning

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Mourning a beloved pet’s passing is a personal process. Eventually you may want to reach out to other pet lovers going through the same situation. Online pet loss support groups offer you the opportunity to give and receive support during this difficult time and lessen the pain associated with losing a pet.

Tips for Using an Online Pet Loss Support Group

Consider keeping your anonymity by changing both your name and your pet’s name while posting or chatting.

Respect other people’s posts and although you may think your dear departed Fluffy was the best cat ever, refrain from repeating that sentiment over and over (let’s face it, we all think our own furry friends are the best pets ever).

Report any abuse or inappropriate behavior to the chat room or forum moderator immediately. Unfortunately, predators look for vulnerable targets and anyone suffering a loss may become a victim if not careful.

Posting a picture or reminiscing about when Fido was a puppy can help you remember happier times and gradually let go of the loss of not having your pet by your side.

You should feel at ease with the online pet loss support group you choose. Moderators and volunteers should strive to provide a safe and non-biased place for you to express your thoughts and feelings.

Online Pet Loss Support Groups

Chance’s Spot

Chance’s Spot offers members a weekly live chat session where experiences and memories are shared in a moderated setting. This online resource also sends out a newsletter and provides a page for you to pay tribute to your deceased furry friend.

Best Friends Animal Society Network

Multiple forums are offered for posting on specific topics. Every Monday evening at 10 p.m. EST, pet lovers light candles in memory of those furry friends who touched the hearts of their owners.

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

This site is run by volunteers who have been trained in pet bereavement. Features chat rooms, a memorial board and multiple pages surrounding the entire process of euthanasia and bereavement.

An online pet loss support group may provide you with the outlet you need to move through the bereavement process.


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