A Review of The Landmark Theatre-Greenwood Village, Co: Is The Vip Experience Worth The Price?

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This facility also offers a VIP package which reserves the best seats in the house for patrons, along with personal delivery of snacks and concessions. Is the increased ticket price worth the trade-offs of being treated like royalty for a few hours?

Movie Ticket Cost for the Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village, CO

The price for a general admission ticket which includes unlimited soda and popcorn was $12.00, as of March 2010. Patrons paid a $3.00 upgrade fee, making the total ticket price $15.00 for VIP service.

The Landmark Theatre VIP Experience Review

After buying a VIP pass at the box office, you are assigned a specific seat. Once the movie theater has been cleaned, a VIP host will escort you to the assigned seat, take your popcorn and drink order and let you look over the VIP gourmet concession menu. VIP concession offerings include boxed candy, miniature quiches, empanadas and gourmet pretzels. You may also order an alcoholic beverage, hot cocoa, tea or bottled water off the menu. Prices for snacks ranged from $3.50 up to $7.50, as of March 2010. Your VIP host will bring your order directly to your seat up until the previews begin to roll. Payment methods for the gourmet beverages and snacks include cash, credit cards and gift cards. Each theater has 8 sets of VIP seats, with two seats to a set. The seats do recline and also feature a spacious armrest that both a drink and bag of popcorn will fit comfortably on. Parties with more than two people or small children may experience some frustration as to the two seat lay-out of the VIP section. The Landmark Theatre VIP experience also offers patrons the opportunity to use the VIP bathroom as opposed to the public restrooms.

General Considerations for the Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village, CO

The Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village, CO only features six screens, so your film selection may be limited. Also, the theaters are smaller than in traditional venues, meaning that seats, especially in the VIP section, fill up fast. This facility does have a bar, so if you arrive early, you can enjoy a drink or two before finding your seat. Tipping your VIP host is discretionary, but much appreciated, especially if you order more than popcorn and soft drinks.

Parking Considerations for the Landmark Theatre in Greenwood Village, CO

The Landmark Theatre is located in a popular restaurant and entertainment district in Greenwood Village, CO. Restaurants like Ted’s Montana Grill and Lime Cantina receive lots of diners, and it can be next to impossible to find a parking place in the garage or open lot. If you are planning on attending a movie during a high traffic time, during the weekend or on a holiday, plan on arriving extra early to secure a parking space or be prepared to hike to the theater.

Final Thoughts on the Landmark Theatre VIP Experience in Greenwood Village, CO

Being treated like a VIP was a fun experience and the leather reclining seats made sitting through a two hour movie comfortable. I tried the chard and cheese empanadas which were excellent, and our host gave impeccable service. The movie screen was smaller than I was used to, and we seemed to experience some audio issues during the first part of the movie. Overall, other than the snide looks some of the general admission patrons gave us, it was an enjoyable experience, but one we would only repeat once or twice a year due to the price.


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