The Perfect Indian Women….

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The Perfect Indian Women…

Every Indian woman comes into this world with all smiles and hope, but is that what she is given? When a girl is born, most of the families only think of the pain she will bring, her womanhood, her marriage, dowry and what not! The amount of people who really appreciate a girl is really less, that also in India. But then also, they don’t cease to have expectations. The family wants their girl to get married as fast and as early as possible but they never stop for a minute to ask her what she wants, do they? From the time she is born she is only been a source of fulfilling expectations!

  Who is the perfect Indian woman? How does she look? What are her qualities, her expectations, wishes, hopes? Has anyone ever dwelled into it? No one even knows the definition of the perfect women, though everyone has their own different opinion, each opinion only uniquely different from the other. For her mother, she should do all the house work, learn the ways of being a housewife, not talk to men because that will only lead to lust, for the mother she should start shaping to become the perfect housewife pleasing her husband, in-laws, kids and not caring about her interests and wishes. For the father, she should try to protect her image, not talk to men, bow her head always in submission, for him she should be the perfect obeying daughter with no future of her own ahead. For her brothers, she should cook food, iron their clothes, in short do everything for them until they get their wives to it for them. For the brothers, she should be the perfect working sister for them.  Her in-laws want her to do the house work, take care of their son, never be idle but do everything expected of her. For the in-laws she should be the perfect daughter-in-law. Last but not the least, her husband wants her to put food, take care of the children, provide him pleasure but not try to fulfill her dreams. For the husband, she should be the perfect housewife.

  Even the society does not stop having expectations from her, if she does one mistake, if her saree is showing more skin, she is looked down, if she talks to any other man except her husband, she is frowned upon and suddenly becomes the talk of the town. When will the time come for that woman who has suppressed every wish, every hope, every desire just to fulfill the needs and expectations of her parents, family and in-laws?  When will the time come when she can get out and become what she wants? Be it a painter, engineer or whatever! When will everyone stop expecting her to be the perfect Indian women?

  The day she conquers all, the day she is not expected of is the day she will shine better than any star, she will make each and every Indian proud of her, everyone will look up to her. Not only will she prosper, the society will and India will reach heights it has not even dreamt, but ironically all this will only happen when she ceases to be the Perfect Indian Women, when she will live only for herself and not for every other person. But, still the perfect Indian women is yet undefined.

P.S: I personally do not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments or beliefs, this is purely my way of thought. If hurt, i am extremly sorry and really did not inted to go against anyone. Kudos!


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