Making Money by Sharing Videos

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 One way to make money by sharing videos is to create the kind of content that people want to pay for, such a tutorials and learning videos. People will pay good money for material that will help them pass courses or learn how to do something for their own business. If you’re knowledgeable about a certain subject of have some industry secrets, video tutorials may be a good way to make money by sharing your knowledge. However the content would have to be your own to avoid copyright infringement unless you have been given rights to resell the videos.

Everybody knows about the video ‘Charlie bit me’ and other viral videos that get millions of hits. 

The option with the highest earning potential is to get adverts up on your video. At the beginning and end of your videos you can allow companies to advertise their products and services and they will pay good money if your video is popular and generates a lot of traffic. So in fact viral videos can make a lot of money if they contain adverts. is a great site that allows you to create web pages using videos from Youtube, Google Video and more. You get 100% of the revenue from the adverts on your video page, and a recurring 50% commission on all new sign ups to the site from your referrals and video pages. also offers a similar service. You upload your videos, they attach adverts and then you get 50% of the revenue generated by the ads on your videos. There are more out there, you just have to do a quick search to get several other sites.

Another way is to set up your own video site containing unique material, then become an affiliate for other companies. You just post links on your site pointing to the merchant’s own website, and every time someone uses the link to sing up or buy form the merchant you get commission. It’s so easy and if you can market your site well and get a lot of traffic, you’ll get a lot of money.

If you can find any companies with a video ad and they need it to be marketed or sent about, you can do the leg work for them for a fee. Post the video everywhere you go… social networking sites, forums, your own website… wherever you can think of and the companies will pay you commission for getting their video adverts noticed.

There are absolutely loads of sites out there that offer money for posting your videos and generating traffic. Remember the more people that see the videos you post, the more money you’re likely to make through advertisement revenue. Make sure that you post interesting, funny or informative videos that are going to get the attention of a lot of people. No one is interested in seeing a video of your Gran waving at you or your Dad throwing you up in the air when you were a kid. Unless of course it’s hilarious.


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