How To Choose The Right Bbq Tools

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One of the best BBQ Tools I have recently seen are Steak Branding Irons. A Steak Branding Irons are branding irons that you can easily mark your Steaks for your family and friends.  What an awesome addition to any barbecue!!  Imagine serving your steaks branded with your initials, name, favorite team or how about rare, medium or well.  What a presentation, your family and friends will be truly impressed.!

The most essential BBQ Tools include a spatula, fork, knife, basting brush and tongs.  There are important features to look for in any BBQ tool.  Features to take into consideration are:

Durability, they should be made of a durable and rust resistant metal such as stainless steel and any rivits should be welded so as not to break.  Make sure the handles are sturdy enough to handle any barbecuing job.

Usage.  BBQ tools should be easy to use.  The handles should be easy to grip and maneuver.  The shape is just as important, the shaft should be long enough to reach into the BBQ but keep your hands from getting injured or burned. 

Weight and Balance, tools for the BBQ should be light weight yet durable, not too heavy that handling your steaks or burgers puts a strain on your tool or you.

Are they easy to clean?

Many tools for the BBQ have a dual purpose such as a spatula with a serrated knife on the edge or tongs that can also double as a fork.  This type of tools make your BBQing easier.

There are also many sets of BBQ Tools that include these essential and come in handsome carrying cases to keep your BBQ tools organized.  And if tailgating is your thing, a tailgating BBQ set would suit your purpose perfectly.

Another BBQ essential is a grill brush to keep your BBQ Grill shining clean and free of bacteria.

And let’s not forget a fashionable designer grill cover and propane tank cover to complete your outdoor BBQ look and a BBQ Apron for you.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer and event planner who loves the holidays, entertaining and the outdoors and loves to share her tips and tricks with you. Feel free to browse a wonderful selection of BBQ Tools.


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