If You Are Victims of Autumn Stress

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The changing of the seasons makes many people feel tired and depressed. They wake up in the morning and feel exhausted. Their whole body hurts. It is difficult for them to get focused. The pulse is fast and they manage to accomplish only half of the things that they have planned for the day. All this makes them feel anxious and depressed. They are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, they are ready to cry. What happens? Yes, they are probably victims of the autumn stress.

     What is stress? It is not a diseases but it can become a cause for such. Stress is normal phenomenon that should prompt you to react according to the season. It stimulates and enables you to better adapt to changes in the climate. Only the duration, repetition and excessive intensity of stress can lead to the occurrence of a problem.

     Everyone can be in a state of stress. Different people take it in different ways. It all depends on the individuality. Here are some of the most common symptoms of stress-excessive nervousness, headaches, pain in the back and shoulders, gastritis, melancholy and insomnia. These are the signals that show you that you should do something.

     Causes of stress are many. Scientists have organized them into categories depending on the severity of the impact. However, experience has shown that daily stress (stress behandling is the Danish term), no matter how little and insignificant, is as dangerous as a disease. It is practically impossible to escape from the destructive attacks of stress but at least we may learn how to overcome them. That’s why it is best to have strategies that will help our body and psyche adapt more quickly to changes.

     What to do to keep better balance? You should keep in mind that stress accelerates the burning of energy. The nervous system loads more and you start feeling hungry for vitamins and minerals. When a person is under stress, he/she should not take slimming regime. You should eat anything you want, emphasizing especially on cereals, fruits and vegetables. Eat three times a day and do not miss the breakfast. Avoid fats. Fish and chicken are recommended to eat. Take more vitamins, especially magnesium. The products which contain it are: cocoa, cereals and dried fruits.

     But this is not all. Your brain and muscles need oxygen to convert the energy from food. So you should walk more and ventilate the rooms where you work, do physical exercises and relax. Inhale deeply and fill your lungs and stomach with air. Then exhale slowly, emptying your lungs. 2-3 of these exercises are sufficient to make you relax.

      Today there are many methods of relaxation and treatment of stress such as massage, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.


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