Hair: Some Facts

One of the most distinguishing features of mammal is presence of hair all over their body, except palm and sole. Hair of non-human mammal like sheep, rabbit, cat, dog, etc is referred as fur. Hair on head or head hair in case of humans is considered important, cared and valued. It adds to the beauty of an individual. No matter how beautiful a person is, if he/she neglects his/her hair, beauty on the whole is affected. Head hair has its own significance in every society. Normally, women have longer head hair than men.

Hair is made up of keratin protein and each hair shaft is protected by cuticular layer. Hair filament has its follicle embedded in the dermis while it grows through the epidermis. The disulfide bonds of hair determines whether our hair is weak or strong and cuticle where lie flat, overlap tightly and reflect light. Cuticular layer protects hair from heat, sun and pollution.

Adequate protein uptake makes hair look gorgeous. A diet rich in protein, zinc, vitamin E and C avoid most of the hair problems. Black or brownish colour of hair is due to the presence of melanin pigment. Sebum, natural oil secreted from sebaceous glands acts as a lubricant to keep the hair soft and supple. Thus, it reflects our diet and our diet (whether it is proper or improper) and also our health. Shinny and bouncy hair shows that the person is healthy. Dull and lifeless hair reflects our overall state of ill health.


  • We have about 5 million hairs on our body and 100,000 on our head.

  • Human scalp hair normally grows at a rate of 0.4 mm/day and about 1cm per month.

  • Normally most people lose between 50-150 hair every day, as old hairs fall and new ones replace them.

  • Straight hair shiner more than curly hair.

  • Regular hair cuts are best way to keep hair healthy.

TYPES OF HAIR: – Hair can be normal/balanced, dry, oily/greasy or a combination (dry and greasy both).






Normal/balanced hair

Shiny and easy to damage


Twice a week

Balanced diet

Dry hair

Dull due to inactive oil glands

Dry/split ends

Once a week

Diet rich in zinc

Greasy/oily hair

Looks greasy due to over secretion of oil


Every 1-2 days

Oily food should be avoided

Combination hair

Looks good after wash

Ends dry while hair near head greasy

Every 1-2 days

Oily food should be avoided

Other types of hair can be straight or curly hair. This is generally determined by the genes of individual. Asian people have straight and dense hair while African hair is curly. Straight hair is easy to manage and shiny while curly hair is often difficult to manage and dry.

We can know the type of hair and we can care our hair to make it beautiful, shiny and bouncy.

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