Rahul Gandhi’s Charges of Atrocities on Farmers in Gr. Noida Confirmed by Ncsc ¬

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Following the National Commission for Women last week accusing the UP state of brutality, now the National Commission for Schedule Castes (NCSC) has found the evidence of brutalities committed by UP police on the farmers of Bhatta Parsual and Acchepur villages in Greater Noida. The NCSC has recommended that officials behind the police action be booked under Dalit Atrocities Act.

A team of NCSC had visited the villages of Bhatta Parsual and Acchepur  this week to investigate the charges of brutalities committed by UP police on the farmers who were since January agitating for higher compensation for their land acquired by the UP State. The NCSC team after visiting the affecting villages found substantive evidence of UP police having committed brutalities on the farmers, their families, and womenfolk.

Filing a damning report against the crackdown on farmers after a violent clash over land acquisition, the NCSC panel called it a fit case for booking the administration under the atrocities Act. The NCSC Chairman P L Punia, on Friday issued notices to the civilian and police chiefs of Gautam Buddh Nagar to reply in a week to harassment charges levelled by 21 dalits of Bhatta, Parsaul and Acchepur villages.

Citing detailed statements of villagers accusing the police of brutality, the NCSC report said two dalit youths were missing. One resident Kanta Devi is quoted as showing bones and clothes of “persons and children burnt alive”.

Following the firing opened by the UP police on the peaceful agitators, four people died and number of other farmers were seriously injured.  The police went berserk and destroyed the houses, properties and vehicles of the villagers. They did not even spare old men, ladies and children. 

When Rahdul Gndhi visited the affected villages on May 11, men, women, girls and children had narrated their harrowing experiences of police brutalities and also showed their injuries.  Some women also complained of having been molested.

When the state government showed no sign of providing succor to the traumatized farmers, they approached AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi to lead their delegation to the Prime Minister to explain their grievances.

The Prime Minister last week announced compensation for the injured farmers of the affected villages.   The Congress Party and the UPA government is doing everything possible to help the farmers.

It is unfortunate that Mayawati government is siding with builders lobby to acquire the land of the farmers in the name of infrastructure development and selling the same land to private builders at an exorbitant rate. The UP state is thus making huge profits which explain why BSP government is not in a mood to listen to the woes of the farmers.

Another factor which is contributing to the callousness of the Mayawati government is that no other party than the Congress is able to effectively take on her oppressive government. In this situation the Congress Party is doing its public duty to highlight the oppressive, extortionist and corrupt activities of the Mayawati government.


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