Future Politics of Pakistan Will be Focused on Two Major Points

Today I am going to elaborate further why I think Imran Khan is the last hope for Pakistan because so many people around me are talking, “One man cannot change the country” So why support Imran Khan?.

I strongly disagree with this argument and my reply is, “One man cannot change the country but he can motivate the nation to try and change them”.


First step which all must know and think about it is, “What Pakistan is facing right now? How much time we have? Admittedly there will be a lot to do if and when the US leaves Afghanistan and Pakistan, are we ready for it?

It is not going to be easy but God willing and a united Pakistan the objectives can be achieved because no change can be expected unless there is a change in the attitude of the society. Wake up and face the reality everyone. It is time to change every one himself and tighten your belts all citizens of Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Thursday claimed that a big change was on the cards in Pakistan as masses are looking towards his party to solve their problems. He was talking to politician and traders from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who joined the PTI here at the party Central Secretariat, Imran Khan said next few months were crucial, and a big change was about to take place on the national horizon. He said through ballot box, a historic revolution would take place in Pakistan during the next general election, and he said people looked towards his party for saying goodbye to US slavery and bringing economic stability in the country.

I was thinking why he is claiming such a big achievement, what is he having in his mind? After looking towards the whole scenario of Pakistan I find out that, ““Future politics of Pakistan will be focused on two major points.

  1. How to get rid of the US subjugation

  2. Ensure economic stability

As per my knowledge, “Imran believed without the removal of incumbent rulers, who had bargained for a few dollars on the life and honour of Pakistanis, needed to be removed for which the PTI would hold countrywide demonstrations and also stage historic sit-ins in Lahore and Multan. The PTI chairman continued a final round would be played in Islamabad to send the rulers packing and pressure would also be mounted on fake rulers in Punjab.

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