Should We Bring Back Domestic Science Subjects to Our State Schools

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Most couples today are both busy working, their parents were both busy working, the subject of domestic science, the study of cooking, needlework and other subjects concerned with household skills is no longer taught in our state schools.
The government cut out all Domestic Science subjects from State schooling way back in the 1970’s,

Before the war, the gas and electricity company’s subsidized school domestic science laboratories with all the latest equipment to encourage the art of cooking, back then we had compulsory cookery lessons to all UK secondary schools, not now.
There is a movement to get school domestic science reinstated back on to the school curriculum, but I fear it might just be too late. Who for a start is going to teach the subjects? Not today’s teacher that’s for sure, as most of them haven’t learnt the skills or the art of cooking themselves, they also live in this busy world of ours, so themselves haven’t the time.

I do feel this is part of today’s obesity problem we are eating more and more quick ready-made foods where the only skill you need, is to pop the ready-made meal into the microwave oven and push a button, ask the kids of today what an Aubergine (Eggplant) or Courgette (Zucchini) looks like, and more than half of them will have no idea at all.
Nobody has the time or knowledge to grow their own food, let alone cook it, so the food that ends up in our body is less nourishing, less tasteful and more fattening, the only place our children can learn the art of cooking is TV programs and books, and I know there is a desire to learn these skills, because the new stars of today’s TV screens are Celebrity cooks such as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Delia Smith.

The sale of cookery books has never been higher and the audience ratings for cookery programs like, “Come dine with me” Delia’s “how to cook” and The “F” word are soaring. So you see there IS a need for these arts to be taught, if we start at school level install the art of cooking to our young ones, when they have children of their own maybe they can then pass on their skills, and who knows we might all get back to a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Cooking is not just about making food, it’s a skill that can be both enjoyable and creative, it’s about creating something yourself with your own hands, when you cook for someone, you put love in it, there is an enormous amount of satisfaction in watching someone eating and enjoying the food you have just made.


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