Seven Privacy Tips You Should Use

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These tweaks are, very simple tricks that everyone should use, whether you’re a tin-foil hat wearer or you just want to reduce the spam in your email inbox. They’re so simple, in fact, that even the less tech-savvy should have no problem setting them up with a few clicks.

1.Leave Your Home Address Off Your GPS Unit

Your navigation unit, could lead any car thief right to your home. Instead, use a nearby landmark as your “home” location—that way, your navigation unit will always lead you close enough so you know how to get back, but won’t lead any ne’er-do-wells right to your front door.

2. Use a Fake Birthday for Web Signups

Always remember that identity thieves can do quite a bit of damage with just your birthday date.

3. Use HTTPS Whenever Possible

No explanation here, it’s safe, so you should use it whenever you can.

4. Use AdBlock, Even if You Don’t Block Ads

AdBlock extensions are great privacy tools, even if you aren’t blocking ads. They can keep you protected from known malware spreaders, and even keep sites like Pandora from hijacking your Facebook login. All you need is a few simple filters

5. Use Disposable Email Addresses to Avoid Spam

If you visit a site that requires an email address but that you don’t fully trust, using a service like Trashmail or the simpler 10 Minute Mail, you can use a quick temporary email address to get the necessary “confirmation email” and ignore any future spam that might come your way.

6. Keep Your Security Questions as Private as Your Passwords

Strong passwords are important, but they’re utterly useless if your “security question” is something anyone can answer. Instead of going the traditional security question route, you should try to create a memorable, yet indecipherable security question.

7. Change Your Gender for Less Annoying Ads

If the ads on your favorite web site are particularly obnoxious, an easy way to avoid them is to try changing the gender on your account. Spotify, for example, seems to only advertise Spotify features and music albums to women. Similarly, setting your gender as male can help you escape the annoying diet or motherhood ads on certain sites if you’re a woman.


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