2011 Games: Earth Defense Force – Insect Armageddon

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You’re part of the Earth Defense Force now, and the time for questions like why giant ants and killer robots attacking, has passed. All you need to know is that Ravagers are besieging the city of New Detroit, and your task is to wipe them out EDF-style.


The success of Earth Defense Force 2017 might be hard to understand. Published for Xbox 360 in 2007, the game did not have impressive graphics or cutting-edge gameplay. Rather, it provided a sea of alien insects for players to destroy them cooperatively and set against a hilarious B-movie backdrop. Even having low production values, EDF 2017 was shameless fun.

After putting in some time playing the forthcoming Insect Armageddon, we can safely say that developer Vicious Cycle realizes what makes EDF so captivating. Bugs pour in from every direction, buildings break down at the slightest impact, and the people around you mouth off ridiculous dialogue – which is nothing new. Only this time, a couple of changes to the formula would keep you and your friends returning to defend Earth over and over.

Taking charge of a soldier designated Lightning Alpha, players now get more control over how their powers build up. As you finish missions and acquire experience, you unlock new tiers of arms for purchase (a few are still available as drops inside a level). Eventually, you will be able to even unlock new body armor, each of which has unique abilities and weapons techniques.

The default armor has the most extensive selection of weapons, while the battle armor is heavily beefed up and centered on mortars and shotguns. The tactical armor affords you access to turrets, which are now a special ability rather than occupying a useful weapon slot. The coolest of the lot is the jet armor, which is highly maneuverable and hands you access to flight and a range of energy weapons.

To garner these upgrades, you can labor through the missions yourself (assisted by Al comrades), or team up with up to two different players online to finish the main campaign. Adding to the co-op fun in the last entry is the ability to revive each other.


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