To Draw a Stick Figure

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To draw a stick figure you will need a Piece of paper, a sharpener an eraser, a rock and of course and a pencil.

It would help if you also had some light.   First sharpen your pencil by placing it into the pencil sharpener and turning it three times.   After that you should blow on it.

Then you should remove any excess led shaving.   Take your paper and put the rock at the top of the page.  This will make sure that the page does not move. Turn on your lamp and have it shine on the paper.     Now you are ready to draw your stick figure

First ¾ from the top you should draw a circle.  A circle is a round shape.  Some examples of round shapes are a tire and a ball. This circle will be the head of your stick figure.  After you have completed the circle place your pencil at the bottom of the circle at the midpoint.  Without lifting the pencil from the page.   Draw a line down.  The line should be about three times as big as the circle.

You have now drawn the body.     Go half way up the line that you just drew and draw another line across making a cross.  This will be your left arm and your right arm.   Then go to the bottom of the body line and draw 2 lines at a slight angle.  This represents   the feet of your stick figure. 

  You have now drawn a stick figure.  If you want you can go to the advanced level and add in hands and ears and a nose, and eyes and hair. But I suggest you first practice the basics before you try to draw the rest of the body.

 If you want to  go to the advance level.  In the middle of your circle  draw  2  small circles

About a inch apart.  This is the eyes.  Over each eye draw a line. But do not connect the lines this is  your  eyebrow.  On the outside edge of the circle  in the same line  where your  eyes are  draw  2  half  circles on each side of the circle  this will be  your ears.   In the big circle  a little down  draw a  round circle  bigger then the eyes  but  not by much. This  will be   your  nose.     Then in the  big circle  under your nose  a centimeter  down a line across this  is your mouth.

Their you have  drawn  your  stick figure 


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