Information on Accounting Careers

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There are many areas of specialization within the accounting field, adding to the appeal of this profession. Accountants work with computerized spreadsheets and computer accounting software on a daily basis. People who enjoy working with numbers and finding discepancies may want to consider accounting as a career path.

Education Requirements

Professionals working as accountants or auditors must complete a bachelor’s degree while majoring in accounting. Some employers may require accountants or auditors to pursue a graduate degree. Students interested in the accounting field may choose to work as accounting clerks or bookkeepers after completing college level accounting courses or an associate’s degree in the field of accounting.

Income Potential

People employed in the field of accounting can earn excellent wages, depending on their education level and if they decide to specialize in a field such as auditing or tax preparation. U.S. employers of accountants and auditors paid these professionals an average salary of $67,430, and accountants and auditors received an average hourly wage of $32.42, according to May 2009 figures reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of May 2009, professionals employed as bookkeeping or auditing clerks received an average salary figure of $34,750 and an average hourly wage figure of $16.71, according to figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Typical Working Conditions

People employed in the accounting field work standard eight hour days, although employees who are involved with quarterly or annual closing or tax preparation may need to work some overtime. Accounting professionals employed full-time normally receive a standard benefit package.

Career Opportunities

Jobs in the accounting field remain abundant, and future job prospects look excellent for students planning on entering this field or established professionals who are looking for a career change. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released projections estimating that approximately 1.5 million jobs will exist for accountants and auditors, and approximately 2.2 million job opportunities will exist for bookkeeping and accounting clerks through 2018. Virtually every business or corporation has an accounting department divided into sections such as accounts payable, collections and payroll. Qualified accounting professionals can also choose to work for multiple clients by working for an outsourcing agency.


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