5 Tips For Enjoying Your First Massage

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Here are five important tips that can help you truly experience a beneficial, first time massage.

Tip #1: Determine Which Type of Massage You Want

Massage therapist providers often offer several types of massage including relaxation (Swedish), deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy. The type of massage you request can determine how satisfied you are with your first appointment. A deep tissue massage, while being beneficial, may cause muscle soreness for a few days after your appointment, while a Swedish massage is often less intense.

Tip #2: Determine Your Preferences

If calling a massage therapy provider who employees multiple therapists simultaneously, don’t be shy to request either a female or male therapist. If you’re a woman, you may feel more comfortable requesting a female therapist for your first massage appointment. Consider asking friends and family for recommendations of massage therapists in your area as well.

Tip #3: Only Undress to Your Comfort Level

If you’ve decided to only have an upper body massage, it is perfectly acceptable to keep your undergarments and pants/shorts on while lying on the massage table. If you have requested a full body massage, you may choose to keep your undergarments on too. Your massage therapist will tuck the table sheets around you to preserve your modesty.

Tip #4: Communicate With Your Therapist

Before fully beginning your massage, your therapist will normally ask if the pressure they are using is comfortable. Be sure to speak up and communicate whether you would like a firmer or gentler touch. If you feel physically uncomfortable at any point during your appointment, let your therapist know immediately so they can adjust their pressure or move on to another body part. Also let your massage therapist know if you have any allergies to scented lotion or massage oil.

Tip #5: Schedule Your Massage Carefully

Scheduling a massage directly after a trip to the gym may sound like a great combination, but you may want to shower first out of respect for your therapist. If you have an engagement to attend after your massage, you leave enough time to get cleaned up, as your makeup may smear after you place your head in the table face rest.


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