Managing Your Personal Safety.

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 Ask your parents and grandparents. They will tell you the constant bombardment, war and fight news in the past. So the world we live today is comparative safer than our ancestor’s time.  Today our government and industry have taken some major steps for our personal safety too. In almost everything we do, we are secure with protective measure than that of our past.

                It is said that our own safety comes when we have a strong feeling for safety. Ask me why? Because most of the safety factor originated from the functions only if you do something about them. For an instance, do you wear helmet every time you get in the bike? Do you stop on highway crossing when a red light is there? Do you walk on the left side of road? These are just few examples that you know and do something about.

                 Frankly speaking, we have some of the responsibility for making our environment safe and healthy for our personal safety. Because when we step to help others, for this safety awareness, we should be conscious for our safety.  For an example, a piece of banana leaf can cause dangerous hazard to bike riders on the road. Broken glass on road can cause serious injury to send someone to the hospital for stitches.   When you take time to clean up thing as told above as examples then you are taking a great step towards protecting others.

                 Let’s analyse the cause of an accident. It is caused by an unsafe condition. For an instance, you look at your car or bike. Is there any loose brakes, unsafe tires, faulty headlights or loose steering? This can be potential factor for accidents. But looking into more, we can conclude that both unsafe conditions and unsafe actions can cause accidents.

                You will see so many unsafe conditions in your daily life, but most of them become truly hazardous due to your own actions related to them. So tell me; what causes you to act in an unsafe way? Is it carelessness? Yes, it is true. Over speeding your car for over taking an unknown person on the highway is called carelessness. So our contribution to our personal safety is that we should be conscious to our own safety. We can’t abolish total risks in our lives. These risks can be managed with our own consciousness. We can prevent them well before we compensate them. 

                It is not difficult to add yourself in the accident statistics of your country. Look at newspaper any of the days; you will be infested with many tragedy stories going on all over the country. And in every case the victim was someone who was careless for the same accident!

                So our personal safety is a combination of mind and matter.  Train your mind and body to be safety consciousness you will win the game. Hardly will you be involved in these tragic incidents.


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