Safeguarding Our Food

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A research shows that more than 7.1 million Americans suffer from cases of food borne illness every year. Amongst them few cases are major and even result in death. Why it happens in a supper advanced continent? Well, it may be the lack of awareness of safeguarding our food or may be from an attitude of negligence. So let’s study it in details. 

                These cases of deadly issues are commonly called as “food poisoning”. The culprit is food that has rich levels of bacteria due to improper cooking or handling.

                Here is an instance when some meat that was undercooked got poisoned recently in USA. It was determined that the tragedy never would have happened if the meat had been cooked properly. E.Coli 0157.H7 is a potent virus, but it can be completely destroyed when the meat is fully cooked.

How to avoid it?

It is prime importance to take an all-around safety approach to purchasing, storing and preparing both conventional and new meat and poultry products.  If we speak frankly, consumers ( we people) and food dealer bear full responsibility for keeping food safe.

                According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 85 percent of food borne illness cases could be avoided each year if consumers would handle food properly.  The most common food borne illnesses are caused by a combination of bacteria, naturally present in the environment, and food handling mistakes.

  Ironically, these are also the easiest types of food borne illnesses to prevent.  Proper cooking or processing of raw meat and poultry kills bacteria that can cause food borne illness.

Here are some tips for you to take care of your food.

  1. When taking food from grocery store to home, take food directly to home. I mean to say never keep food in a hot car!
  2. Do not buy anything extra to keep for a long use. Most people do it to make their shopping cheaper.
  3.  Do not buy food in poor conditions.
  4. Buy food from an authorized centre only.
  5. While buying food, do not forget to see the best use deadline date.

Never buy food other than that of your necessary. It will cause you trouble in future.


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