Growing Old Gracefully Ever

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Now-a-days the duration of human life is just about 70 years for women and a little bit less for men. According to conservation experts it is commonly believed that man is really build to last about 100 years; that advanced innovation in medical science and more healthful living habit could bring this about within a generation or two.            

                So it is very simple and interesting thought. What would be the great if we do not add life to years ?  Indeed, unless we learn to enjoy our life and to grow old gracefully, the additional years may be nightmare for us.

Commonly from 18 to 30 years is approximately the period of uppermost physical and mental vitality.  The experiences we gather from the day we are born help us to preserve and to use our physical and mental capability more intelligently, so that for some time after 30 years we are able to perform increasingly well .  After age 50 the increasing accumulation of experience is no longer able to offset the now more rapidly energy and therefore aging begins to assert itself noticeably and in many ways.

                A number of things may come about gradually while growing old such as people who have not used eyeglasses before, may at some time in their forties need them for reading, and in the fifties they usually need spectacles.

                Also in the ways of growing old, people are likely to increase weight because there is a general slowdown in the oxidation rate of the aging body tissue.

                And after 10 to 12 years of one’s forty, a times comes generally in the fifties where it is likely to be some loss of hearing.  In this growing old time it is usually the high-pitched tomes go first so it causing the hearing problem.

                Physical and metal tiredness is two prime concern of aging while growing old. This results stiff in the joints, slower healing of wounds, sore muscles and sprains. Also it has been noticed slower recovery of pep after illness; and very difficult to adjust new people, new places and new ideas.

                Muscular strength loss is a special symptom seen in case of Men. There will be increased unsteadiness and delicate muscle movements will be clumsier and the stride in waking will become shorter.  The point now is that the performance and ability of the elderly has long been underestimated and can be greatly improved by a proper diet, sleep and exercise along with rest and relaxation.

So it is a great concern to note that role that physical activity plays in our lives, remember to do something physical every day.  Try to keep yourself flexible and fit on an exercise program consistent with your ability.


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