Tracking Down Great Attractions in St. Louis

St. Louis is a vacation spot with plenty for a family activities to do on a limited budget. St. Louis is the gateway to the West and is very proud of this aspect of its history. Family attractions in St. Louis are one reason St. Louis draws visitors each year to its many St. Louis events.

One of the best for kids is the Gateway Arch. This is downtown, but in a very safe area. The Arch is actually part of a National Park and includes plenty to see on the ground, including the Museum of Western Expansion and several films about building the Arch and the history of St. Louis. For $10 a person, you can ride up to the top of the Arch and see the whole Midwest. It is best to buy tickets on line in advance, and locals recommend not taking the trip on a windy day due to possible motion sickness.

Another popular St. Louis attraction is the zoo. The zoo is free and does not charge admission. You can’t get cheaper than that. Even so, the zoo is one of the top zoos in the country and features penguins, elephants and a large collection of apes. Located in Forest Park, the zoo is larger than Central Park. If you don’t want to walk, for $5 you can ride a train that will take you to all parts of the zoo.

If you like animals another place to visit is Grant’s Farm. Still home to Anheuser-Busch’s Clydesdales and the Busch family’s carriage collection, the Farm raises all kinds of animals and has plenty of opportunity for kids to feed the animals. The park has a train you can ride and picnic areas. Seeing the Clydesdales up close is a highlight for any kid, and the park offer free brews to adult visitors. The farm is named after President Ulysses Grant and has a cabin that the President built. The farm used to belong to Grant; it was given to him as a wedding gift.

Forest Park is another place to visit that kids and the family will enjoy. Besides the zoo, the Park contains flower gardens, museums, a skating rink, open air theater, jewel boxes and the Planetarium/Science center are located here. If you have just a short time to see St. Louis, the Forest Park area is the place to stop by. This park brings people back again and again. There are numerous things to do in St. Louis at Forest Park. St. Louis is a very family friendly town.

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