How to Plan a Sisters Camping Trip

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Being from a family of 10, 6 of which are sisters can be fun. There is a 20-year difference from oldest sister to the youngest sisters, which are twins.  Despite the gap in age, we get along great. I am not saying that from time-to-time we will not disagree, however, we love each other.
If we can find the time in our busy schedules as mom’s and grandmothers to have a camping trip, you can too. Leave your husbands, boyfriends and children at home, get your sisters and go have fun.

Camping Trip, summer 2007

Things you will need:

  • Sisters/Girlfriends

  • Yearly calendar

  • RV/Tent/Cottage/Hotel reservations

  • Lots of good food and snacks

  • Deck of Cards

  • DVD’s

  • CD’s

  • Board games

  • Bibles/books

  • Rain gear, just in case of bad weather

  • Sun block

  • Bug spray

This is our first year we camped. The picture is not good but it will give you the idea we have all gone through changes in 30 years. Some are much thinner than in this picture, however we all got older. The picture was labeled Laporte IN 1983!

Get your calendars out when you are all together and try to pick a date where there is no conflict. For our busy lives as Sisters, mothers and even grandmothers it is getting tougher all the time. We set a date at least 6 months in advance. Sometimes the date has to change or location of the getaway is moved but at least we have a starting point.
I want to stress how important it is for a successful trip that you need to set a date and then stick to it. Things will always pop up and try to ruin your getaway. Just make up your mind that once the date is set you are going to plan the rest of your schedule around that. This is now top priority for that weekend.

Decide on where you want to go. Since we have done so many camping trips, and the places to go that aren’t far from home it is getting tough so we have repeated a couple of locations. This is fine.

In addition, no one says your camping trip has to be in the summer; maybe your favorite time of year is autumn or maybe right after the New Year. The rules are the same. Be creative.

Wrigley Field Home of Chicago Cubs

If doing a city trip instead of camping, as we did one year, go online and see what is happening. Try to find free festivals or activities. Chicago was fairly easy. We did Grant Park where they had free music and dancing. We went for walks on Lake Shore Drive, we saw Buckingham Fountain. I think the highlight for all of us was taking in a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I had been there many times but the other 5 it was their first time.
Whatever you do check out where you are headed for activities. The opportunities are end less.

·       Whatever you decide to do or go get the check in and check out times. Campsites and hotel times will vary.

·       Get the cost of the Campsite or hotel so you know how much money is going to be needed. It’s not fun going on vacation with no extra cash. This way you can save for your sister’s fun.

Once you have decided where, when and how you are going, you need to figure out what everyone will need to bring. This is usually done a couple of weeks before you go camping. If you try planning to far ahead of time it will get forgotten.
In the past we have done shopping in the local grocery stores for what we thought we would need and that is kind of fun but that really cuts into your time away, as it seems that every year someone is on a special diet and cannot eat the same of food as another. If traveling any distance at all, the clock will be ticking your time away way to fast. For us it’s better to plan meals and everyone pitch in who is bringing what. Emailing works great for this.

Sister get-togethers are not new, look in your Bible they had them. Plan your next camping trip and go have some fun!

Job 1:4 Every year when Job’s sons had birthdays, they invited their brothers and sisters to join them for a celebration. On these occasions they would get together to eat and drink.

Tips & Warnings

·       Give the husbands and parents information where you will be just in case of an emergency but  stress to them to limit calls to emergencies

·       Take a Cornhole game, team-up and have tournaments.

·       Be creative with your time and have fun, hiking is fun however keep an eye out for poison ivy!

·       Things will not go perfectly when putting women together, expect and plan for it!


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