Help With English as a Second Language

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I can help you with the English language – whether it’s proofreading, writing, speaking or just general basics like verbs, nouns, pronouns, singular and plural and many other things.

If you’re trying to create a website, write articles, write a novel or book or even a formal business letter, if you can’t speak English properly, the language barrier can become a massive problem to you.

While I mainly help foreign people who are learning the English language or cannot speak and write it fluently, I can also proofread for anybody that needs or wants it.

As I am just starting out and hoping to gain experience, I charge very small fees for my services.

For proofreading, my prices are generally £1 or $1.62 per Microsoft Word document page, text size 12.

Some people have a lot of text that they want proofreading, so the prices for more than 20 pages are as follows:
£1 or $1.62 each for the first 20 pages, then £0.75 or $1.23 for each additional page.

However, if you have websites, Squidoo lenses, hubs on Hubpages, article on Bukisa or any other webpage or website, we can arrange something which is perfectly arranged for what you want.

For more information about my services, including help with writing and speaking the English language, go to Help with English as a Second Language. Here you will find a full list of the services that I offer and information about what experience I have had.

I do a lot of proofreading at the moment, so I am gaining more and more experience. My customers are very pleased with my work. I also offer small “freebies” to the customers that I get regular work from.

If you have an questions or queries, email

I can help you with almost anything you want or need to know concerning writing and speaking the English language, so if you have any questions about anything not mentioned here, send me an email! I’ll be happy to hear from you.

I also create Squidoo lens and other articles at a small charge, so if you can speak English fluently or not, that is a service which I offer to everyone. If you are interested in seeing some examples of my work, please get in touch.


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