The Facebook Privacy Settings Is The Best Safer Tool For Facebook

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On 6 September 2006, has announced Faros Khan, a new feature called News Feed Homepage. The new design is created a website where users have a selection of constantly updated list of the activities of their Facebook privacy settings friends. News Feed highlights information including profile changes, upcoming events and anniversaries, and other updates. RSS news also shows the ongoing talks between the walls of the friends of a user. An integral component of the interface is the mini-feed news feed, news flow in the user profile page that displays the current information about the user. Contrary to news feeds, the user can delete events from the mini-book by its appearance, by being more visible to the visitors feed by Facebook privacy settings.

With the introduction of the “new Facebook privacy settings” – early February 2010 – came to a complete revision of the pages, several new features and changes RSS news. In his current personal life (now built into the walls), the user the opportunity to update you have to remove from any application and displays the selection of the size of the page in Facebook privacy settings.


The wall is a space on each user profile page that friends can send messages to the user to see, while the date and time the message was written. A user’s Wall is visible to everyone the opportunity to view your profile and wall posts of users appear in a single news channel. Many people use the walls of his friends a short item, or to leave temporarily in Facebook privacy settings.

In July 2007, Facebook privacy settings allow users to send equipment to the wall as she has in front of the wall for limited text.


One of the most popular applications on Facebook privacy settings is the Photos application, where users photo albums, labels and friends comment on the photos to upload. According to Facebook privacy settings, May 2007, there were:

    1700000000 user photos

    2200000000 friends tagging user photos

    160 terabytes of storage for photos with an additional 60 terabytes using available

    60 million photos per week, they occupy 5 terabytes of storage

    + 3000000000 photo images were searching every day

    100,000 images per second during peak hours served window

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