Who is The Best User With Facebook Privacy Settings?

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In June 2004 moved its base of operations Facebook privacy settings in Palo Alto, California. The company suspended its name after purchasing the domain name Facebook privacy settings.com in 2005 for $ 200,000.

Facebook privacy settings has a little was published in September 2005, calls the next logical step.

At that time, the required high school networks, an invitation to join. Facebook privacy settings later expanded membership eligibility to employees of several companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Facebook privacy settings opened it 26th September 2006 for all persons over 13 years with a valid email address. In October 2008, announced Facebook privacy settings its international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland would establish.

In September 2006, serious talks between Facebook privacy settings and Yahoo have in connection with the acquisition occurred on Facebook privacy settings, with prices up to $ 1 billion. On 17th July 2007, said, that selling Facebook privacy settings was unlikely because he wanted it independent.

On 24 Microsoft announced in October 2007 had bought a share of 1.6% of Facebook privacy settings for $ 240,000,000, gives Facebook privacy settings an implied value of approximately $ 15,000,000,000th

Users can create profiles with photos, lists of personal interests, contact details and other personal data. Communicate with friends and other users can be made by public or private messages or chat. Users can also join and stakeholders and a fan, some of which are managed by organizations as a means of advertising. To fight against Facebook privacy settings, allows Facebook privacy users to choose and determine their Facebook privacy settings, see who can what parts of your profile.

The site is free for users and generates revenue from advertising such as banner ads. By default, the display of detailed profile data of users on the same network, and “reasonable community limitations” restricted

Facebook privacy has

This is a list of features that can be found on Facebook privacy settings. Basic features include with other friends and the publication of a “wall” or “comments” on the pictures networking.


Editorial is the main feature, information and news on your own walls, the walls of his friend and the news to send to the home page. For the user there is a limit of 420 characters, with a limit of 1000 characters when posting to the wall of a friend.


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