How To Make Facebook Privacy Settings in Facebook?

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Facebook privacy settings users, good or bad, share information, which is sensitive and private to all but his closest friends and family. Many Facebook privacy settings users use the same password for everything, if your account may have a domino effect that is to your e-mail, instant messaging accounts, bank accounts and more vulnerable. How did you stop the infiltration of Facebook privacy settings? The short answer is that you can, but you can take steps to protect themselves by Facebook privacy settings.

First, do not use the same password for the e-mail address with your account and login logo can be found. If the hacker into your Facebook privacy settings account with your password, please e-mail in Facebook privacy settings.

Second, change passwords frequently. It may seem like a pain, but often change their passwords on all accounts is a good idea. Many banks require all employees to change their registration information at least twice a month. This is not a panacea, but it creates a big challenge.

Third, do not accept friend requests from people who do not know. Even if you recognize the name and image, you should click on your name to see a little more information before adopting as a friend. First look to see if you have mutual friends, otherwise it will not be what it says. Also see if there are other details, such that the schools they attended, in which they work, what city they live confirm if something looks suspicious, it probably is. Today most of us are not that anyone thought, I can not remember, but not send out of line, a message to them before adding to your friends. Send a direct message that no evidence directly and ask how we know them, or if someone knows well enough to happen questions about life, family, etc. and ask to see what. But she takes it as a friend, to make sure they are who they seem.

Fourth, be careful with the information it to their friends and not to give friends. Facebook privacy settings by default, all components of the information you put on the anniversary of your phone number, all of which are used, to access information on bank accounts to private e-mail accounts. Can also be used to verify the “identity” to the family, friends, even schools. So be sure to enter your Facebook privacy settings and turn off the things that are used can serve not only your Facebook privacy settings account, but to the rest of your life. Remember, your closest friends are already the name of your mother and your mobile number, there is no reason for his fifth grade ball publish Hit partner does not mention it in his Facebook privacy settings page, he spent his college years in state prison for identity theft.


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