What Men Want In A Woman: Flab, Scars And Pigmentation

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What men want in a woman is someone who is flawed. Someone who has love handles that are very noticeable when wearing a shirt, someone who has scars from an accident point, someone spots, freckles or moles. Men love that. But here’s the thing. Only love what they love. If you let it be a problem, we see it as a problem as well. If you embrace it and not try to hide it, we will see things that increase their attractiveness and beauty. Here are three ways to change your thinking and make the most of their shortcomings.

1. What do you have?

First, pay attention to what they have. If you have a little more junk in the trunk, at least you have some. Some women would kill to have curves like I do not like yourself. If you are short, think of all the others out there that height can not find men taller than them.

Much of the time, things that are not common and are actually the things that other women would like. Wake up every day and tell yourself one thing you have that other women do not have and you start sending vibrations yourself.

2. What are you hiding?

For example you have these freckles do not like. From the above, perhaps these freckles are rare. Maybe not all women have freckles like yours. If you are trying to hide it, you’d be surprised what people would say that if you let them see for the first time.

If you do not give it a try, then you’ll never know what he really thinks about his so-called “flaws.” Could become a real “selling point” for himself. You can try to show it off harder next time!

3. You will lose your arm today.

Imagine if this were to happen. What would you do? How do you feel about yourself? No doubt your love will not be able to be as high as it was normally. So many women are injured or get scarred for life (literally). What can you do? Just happened.

If not that be a problem for you, then you will never be a problem for you. Ladies It’s all in your head.

What men want is a woman who is wrong. She might be a little chubby, a little short and have moles here and there. But if she is happy with her, her husband will be delighted that she is happy and in love with her more as a result.

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