The Hitchhiker

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I had been driving all night, and was tired, and the rain on the windscreen made it even more tiresome, it seemed to mesmerise me like patterned wallpaper or a flickering fire does.

After a while I could make out all sorts of pictures and patterns, I guess it was kind of distracting when I should have been concentrating on my driving.

Out of nowhere I saw her, she was standing in the middle of the road waving franticly, I slammed on the brakes and with a screech of rubber I came to a stop, just for a second I sat there looking at her and she stood there looking at me, after what seemed like minuets but in truth was just a few seconds I leant over opened the door and yelled “Jump in”.

She was soaked through “get in, get in “I said, she was shivering and looked very cold” how come you’re out in this weather “? I asked.

“It’s a long story” I could see through the wetness on her face she was crying “do you mind if we don’t talk about it?”

“That’s cool with me” I said “Where are you going too”

”Anywhere, can you can you please drive on?” she said

“Sure” I smiled, pushed the car into first gear and stepped on the accelerator”.

As we drove I learned her name was lee, single and very good looking, she had a unusual accent I just couldn’t place it , she looked about 40 and I noticed had no ring on her finger “do you feel any warmer” I asked?

“Yes thanks” she gave a shy smile “I suppose you deserve some sort of explanation”

“In your own time sweet, but it did seem kind of strange to see you there in the rain in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly I saw in the road ahead a large glowing object I pull to the side of the road and slammed on the brakes, “What the hell” just making out through the rain I could see the object was a large saucer shaped craft hovering about a meter above the ground, Lee screamed and pushed opened the door and ran out back into the rain “Wait” I cried but it was too late she was gone.

The glowing craft wobbled a little and with a loud whoosh it was gone, I sat there mesmerise for a moment the light on the open passenger door blinking and I wondered just who I had just picked up.

I shook my head, blinked a couple of times and told me to pull myself together, as I drove off, the rain seemed to be a little less severe, after a few more minutes driving, there she was again standing on the side of the road, I stopped and invited her in again.

“Fancy seeing you again” I said sarcastically, lee smiled.

“Sorry about that” she said “I guess I owe you some sort of an explanation? You might not believe this but please listen”

“I’m all ears Lee”

She gave a puzzled look and said “Your ears are nice”

“No no” I said “It’s just a saying”

“Oh” she gave a cute giggle and continued her story

“Well I am not from this planet I live on Phobos the first moon of Mars, and I made the mistake of falling in love, this is forbidden on my world, so when the mood police found out I was arrested.

“Can I ask a question please” I interrupted, “Who the hell are the mood police?”.

“It’s a force with the power to read your mind” Lee explained “They constantly serf the minds of the people to see if anyone is breaking the law, well anyway to get back to my story.

As I say I was arrested and the ship you saw was the ship taken me to the prison moon of Io, It’s a moon of Jupiter”

“Yes I know” I said “I took Astronomy as a subject at university”

“Well, the ship needed to take on water and this is why we stopped on Earth, but I managed to escape and that’s when you saw me in the road”

“Well I will take you to my place, you should be safe there” she squeezed my hand and smiled, “Thank you, you just don’t know how grateful I am.

“Your more than welcome sweet” I said and drove on.

We got to my flat safely, I told her to slip on my dressing gown and dry her clothes in front of the fire I had just lit, we sat and drank some hot chocolate, as I listened to more of her story, apparently the mood police’s power could be blocked by inserting a small magnet just under the skin in the front of the brain.

“We have to find someone who can do this for me” Lee begged “Without that implant they not only can read my mind, but by doing so, will be able to track me to this flat.

“I will see what I can find out sweet” I said “But brain surgeons are a little sparse on my list of friends, however I have an old girlfriend that could help us find someone to do that op”

I rang my ex. that just happened to be having an affair with one of the doctors at the local hospital,

“Hello Christine? Can you come over to my place? I need a favour” I turned to Lee “Don’t worry sweet I think we might just be able to sort this for you.”

“I am very grateful to you” she said “I don’t know how I will ever be able to pay you back”

Her voluptuous curves, even covered by my dressing gown, were obvious as I said. “Oh I will think of something” and smiled.

It wasn’t long before Christine arrived, she took an envious look at Lee and said “Just where have you been keeping this one Johnny?”

“It’s a long story Chris” I said “are you still having your ding dong with that Doctor?”

“Yes why do you ask?”

“Do you think you could ask him to see me and Lee? I’ll tell more a bit later, but you will be doing me a big favour, and you do own me Chris”

“Sure” She said “now pour me a drink and fill me in” Lee and I told her the whole story; Chris took a large gulp from her glass and said.

“Well I got to give it to you Johnny; you sure do get yourself into some tricky problems.”

Christine was good to her word and her boyfriend agreed to reluctantly do the op after I pointed out, the fact that his wife might not understand his friendship with Christine.

The op went well and after a few days I collected Lee from the hospital and got her back to the flat.

I don’t know what it was? Call it instinct if you like, but something told me that while we had been away someone had been to the flat, I decided to get out of town, I had a summer place in the forest and suggested that we make our way there.

Just as I was about to open the flat door I heard some voices outside.” Quick Lee, climb out the window and onto the fire escape, make your way down I will follow shortly.”

I grabbed the fire extinguisher; I could see through the spy-hole in the door that two men were outside; both had raincoats on with their collars turned up and sporting sunglasses.

I pointed the extinguisher towards the door. And opened it, and fired the foam at the two men, then as they were blinded by the foam I swiped it across both of them knocking them to the floor.

I shut and locked the door again and got out onto the fire escape, Lee was waiting for me at the bottom “Come on sweet, we gotta get the hell out of here”

I pushed the “unlock” on my key and we jumped in to the car and drove off, into the night.

It took me two hours to get to my lodge, parking the car round the back, I showed Lee in “We should be safe here sweet” I said “You had better get some rest I will keep a lookout” Lee leaned over to me and Kissed me on the lips, “My saviour” She said and made her way into the bedroom.

The next morning I woke early only to find the two men I had ‘extinguished’ standing over me, one of them had a gun pointing at my head, Lee was dragged from the bedroom and we were both bundle outside and into a waiting van, Lee looked at me with an apologetic look on her face, I smiled and said, “I been in worse tangles then this Lee, don’t worry baby I’ll think of something”

It must have been about an hour later, when the van stopped, we were both pulled from the back of the van and taken at gunpoint, I could see in the distance that saucer thing, I had seen the other night, it was just on the outskirts of the woods, we were shown inside, the men pushed us into a room and slammed the door behind us, after a couple of minutes the floor I was lying on started to vibrate I could hear a dull hum, and thought to myself, “this could be a tricky one Johnny”

Whether it was the pressure or just tiredness I don’t know, but I fell into a deep sleep, the next thing I knew was, that vibration had stopped I looked over to Lee she was still sleeping, just as I was about to shake her, the door of our room opened, and we were both taken out to another room where an old man with some sort of uniform gestured us to a seat, we both sat down.

“Well my Earth friend you will be our guest for the time being,”

“Where are you taken us?” I asked,

“This young lady is to be taken to Io where she will serve her punishment, as for you, you will our guest until we can get you back to your home planet, you both can have full freedom of the ship, lets fact it there’s nowhere you can go”

That night I asked Lee if she knew much about the craft and how it was flown, apparently it was easy, on the control panel all you need to do was to put in the coordinates for the destination and the craft flew its self, we talked all night forming a plan of escape.

“As far as I can see there are only five that make up the crew and if we are lucky we should easily be able to overpower them” I said.

First I need to get a weapon Lee; I will need your help with that one, the next time one of them comes with the food I want you to pretend to be asleep, oh! and you will need to be naked!” Lee looked at me with a surprised look, but agreed, and so we put the plan into action.

The next morning Lee was ready I couldn’t take my eyes off her body as she lay there naked on the bed, had it been another day in another place at another time, I don’t think I could have stopped myself, but I had to put the situation in my mind, and so I settled behind the door waiting for our morning breakfast to arrive, a bead of sweat ran down my forehead as I heard footsteps approach.

The door opened and as the crewman stood there looking at the naked body on the bed his mouth had dropped open, I swiped a punch and he dropped to the floor, I tied his hands behind him and took his gun, Lee quickly dressed and we made our way towards the control room, the other four crewmen were there.

I waited as one of them came out and clouted him; Lee helped me pull him into our room along with the other crewman,” you wait here Lee and I will secure the rest” it wasn’t long before all five were locked up, I tapped in the coordinates for Earth, gave Lee a hug and settled down for the journey.

The craft landed safely on good old Earth during the journey I had swotted up on the saucers controls, I tapped in the directions to take the craft back to Phobos and set it to take place in 10 minutes.

Lee and I alighted; it was good to feel Terra firma under our feet again, I took Lee by the hand and we made our way back to my flat, “I need a shower” said Lee.

“OK “I said “You freshen up and I will make us a drink,” I poured the drinks and shouted “when you ready”

“Bring the drinks in Johnny, I’m in the shower” I opened the bathroom door and Lee stood there dripping wet with an anticipated look on her face “Now then” she said “Let’s talk about me repaying you for all your help.” I smiled and looked at the reader (You) and winked.


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