Our First Meeting, a Love Story

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I have dreamt of this moment for a long time now how would you be when I step out of the train to greet you? Would you recognized me; would you like me, would you be there? For so long we have known each other via the Internet We have gotten to know what we like and don’t like what makes each of us laugh and each of us cry?

We have both been drunk and both been high And now that moment is nearly upon us when my train arrives Please be there my darling, please be there The train pulled up at the station and there he was waiting I jumped from the train and into his arms, oh Johnny “I never want to let you go ” I cried, his dimpled chin crinkled as he gave a grin I looked up into his blue eyes, smiled and then he kissed me, he kissed me in a way I have never been kissed before I could feel his whole body embrace me I have never been so happy and I never wanted this moment ever to end.

He took my case and we made our way to his waiting car, the journey to Johnny’s place took no more than 20 minutes but it seemed to last a lifetime, as we rounded a bend in the road there it was, I recognized it straight away I had seen many pictures he had sent me over the time we had spent with each other via the Internet.
we drove up the long drive and parked outside the front door, this way Claire, he smiled, and led me into the hallway your room is up the stairs I followed him up the winding staircase, this is your room I’ll leave you to make yourself at home and freshen up I’ll be downstairs in the lounge when you’re ready, are you hungry? Yes I said, I only had a sandwich on the train, OK I’ll go and make us some food he kissed me on the cheek and left.

I quickly unpacked and got out of my travelling clothes changing into sometime a little more comfortable and made my way downstairs.
Over dinner we talked of the places he wanted to take me and the things he wanted to show me he was so charming and polite in a way it was as if we had been together for ever and then again as it if I were on a first date.

I was like an excited love struck teenager, wondering what delights were awaiting me, as the day drew to an end and we arrived back home I thought back to the wonderful time I had had, you go and freshen up sweetheart and I’ll pour us a drink, Pims and lemonade OK for you? He winked; I’ll be down shortly darling I said.
“I love you with all of my heart he whispered tonight we are together and tonight the night is ours and ours alone.

If I could I would take the moon from the sky and give it to you… I would pluck a star and compare it to the shine in your eyes, you, my darling are my life, you my darling are my reason for living, and I never ever want to let you go”.
We spent that night in each other’s arms and in the morning I awoke still in his arms I was so happy I had thought of this moment time and time again and here I was in his arms where I had longed to be for so long.

The days just flew by as it all to soon came to the time, when I was to returned home, as we drove back to the station in almost silence I thought, Johnny was all I had wish he would be we had made plans for him to visit me next time and as I boarded the train home I cried “till we meet again my darling” I shouted and waved, he grow smaller and smaller in the distance as the train picked up speed and then he was gone, gone from my sight, gone from my arms but he was still here in my heart.


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