Iloilo City: The City of Love

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Iloilo city is the heart city of Panay Island most especially the province of Iloilo and Guimaras. Iloilo City was located at Western Visayas. A few minutes of travel from Manila thru a plane.  Iloilo city is a highly urbanized city, lots of big establishments, shopping malls, business offices and hotels located among the city proper and its neighbourhood districts and municipalities.

Iloilo city composed of its large districts surrounding the city proper, districts composed of Jaro, Molo, La Paz, Mandurriao, Villa Arevalo and Iloilo City Proper. Iloilo City mostly called as the city of love because the native Iloggos are sweet, charming and lovely. Hiligaynon is the main dialect that uses in Iloilo City. Iloilo city once became a Queen City of South but losses its turn to Cebu City.

Iloilo City was also the home of Dinagyang Festival and Paraw Regata Festival. Dinagyang Festival is the biggest and grandest festivals held in Iloilo City. Dinagyang Festival held bevery year at the fouth week of January to honor Sr. Sto Nino the child of Jesus. It was almost a one week celebration of joy and fun among Iloggos and other festival lovers. Dinagyang festival displays the creativity and craftsmanship of Ilonggos by wearing a colourful costumes and dancing in the streets around Iloilo City. Paraw Regata also showcasing the colourful boats racing in the sea. Paraw means a small boat that can carry 2 person only. Paraw Regata commemorate the first people used this boats arrive from Borneo and settled in Panay Island and became their home.

Iloilo City has many main attractions, some of these are the historical Plaza Libertad where was the flag raising site when the city was surrendered to the first Philippine Republic in the year 1898. And also the Panay Liberation Marker was being erected to commemorate the liberation from Japanese Rule. There are also lot of Old churches from in Iloilo City some of these churches built in the Spanish times. Jaro Cathedral was one of the oldest churches found in Iloilo City. Other old churches are Molo church, Lapaz Church.

There are lot of hotels found in Iloilo city if you want to stay there for a couple of days. Here are some hotels found in Iloilo City, Hotel del Rio, Highway 21 Hotel, Days Hotel Iloilo, Sarabia Mamor Hotel and Convention Center, Century 21 Hotel, Amigo Terrace Hotel, CEntenial Resort Hotel, River Queen Hotel and Residence Hotel.


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