Kungfu Panda 2 (2011)

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Ever since my children heard that there would be a sequel to the first movie, they were eagerly waiting for it.  In the first movie was funny as a mostly unlikely candidate to be the Dragon Warrior proved that looks can be deceiving.  The major discovery in the movie that the secret to ones success is himself – there is no secret ingredient.

Even though the story line was not very original, the presentation was entertaining.

The Sequel


In this sequel, Po, the panda is already accepted as a full member and is fighting along with the rest of furious five.  In fact, they consider him as their leader and expect him to provide them will all the plans for defeating each of their battles.

My children felt that this movie was much better than the first one.  The movie delved deeper in the origin of Po, on how Po ended up with the goose as his father.  It all comes down the prophey of how an evil emperor would be brough down by a warrior of black and white (showing the sign of Ying Yang).

There were more animals, the peacock as the evil emperor, ram as the soothsayer, wolfs and gorrillas as the soldiers for the bad guy.

The killer of kungfu is the invention of canons.  At one point, he was shot with one and the furious five thought that he had been sacrificed.  

There was a few funny scene.  The one that continue to be funny is the one where the wolf is eaten by the dragon (panda and his friends in a costume) and purged out from behind.

As in the previous movie, Po had something to learn to bring him to the next level.  This time, it is to achieve find his inner peace.  He continues to be the bumbling hero in front of his arch enemy until the very last showdown when he suddenly become invincible – suprising all his friends and enemy alike

I focused more on the story and the humor but also noticed a few places where the 3D effect was put into good use.  It was good but am not sure if it was worth paying extra for the 3D.


I agree with my children that this was a better movie compared to the original.  If the rumors are right, they will look forward to the next three sequels.


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