An Early Morning Summers Walk

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I give you my thoughts as I take an early morning walk, alone with my thoughts I wonder at the beauty of nature all around me, and I think of what some people miss, all this is free, the beauty of the flight of a bird, the magic of the early mornings sunshine waking up the sleeping ground.

The melodic sounds of the morning chorus, and I think how could anyone not see this and be thankful for it?

I awake and touch the summer’s morning chill
The early dew glistens in the morning hue
And softens the low mist that abounds
A fox scurries away after his night of slaughter
And mushrooms make their early morning rounds
Only to disappear before the dew dries

As the day takes over from the dawn
Crows proclaim their territory and argue with the rooks
The last murmurs of the morning chorus end its run
The field mouse hurries away and awaits
The coming of the warming sun
Eagles flying on currents of warm air

Trees bend to the wishes of the wind as their leaves dance
To the music of the summer breezes
Young rabbits and lambs play out their youthful games
Never straying far from their mothers eye
Before time and age slows them down

The never ending river relentlessly flows, its waters to the sea
Twisting and turning through the green undulation landscape
The Church bell calls its faithful flock to prayer
Chestnut tree taunts children’s sticks holding on to its fruit
As they try to gather their conkers for the coming battles ahead

And yet, some never see this beauty before them, too busy to look upon
The riches that is theirs, to blind to see nature in all her glory
Only wishing to destroy her, and themselves, in the pursuit
Of a blind concept of false happiness intertwined with greed and wantonness.

These were my thoughts, these are my words, if you have never felt this,why dont you take an early morning walk in the countryside and see for yourself, and I bet you too will wax lyrical. I could be wrong but what have you got to loose.


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