Rock Pigeon: The Ancestor of Domesticated Pigeon

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Rock pigeon is the ancestors all domesticated pigeon in the world. We can see numerous rock pigeon everywhere except pole region. It can adapt with bad weather and insufficient food. Most rock pigeon live at city, suburban, village, and others. It often disturbs people like nesting at building, making the environment dirty, and eating the farm crop and others.

In some region, rock pigeon is a pest. People believe this bird brings avian flu but there is no evidence. However this wild bird may infect your chicken with other avian diseases such as Newcastle Diseases (ND).  To control pigeon population, people use bird trap that can catch dozen pigeon. Alternatively, you should not feed them with food because they will stay in your area. Some people raise predator such as Kitty Hawk or peregrine falcon to control pigeon population. 

Rock pigeon is a nomadic bird that can live at any place as long there is food and building. Sometimes a group may come to your settlement but sometimes they leave our settlement. Perhaps, they try to find the best house for them. The bird prefers to nest at house, building, tower, and other rather than tree. If you provide the bird cage at your backyard, they may come to cage.

The characteristics of rock pigeon are not different with common pigeon. The body is slender with thick feather. The most popular color is gray with strips at wing. The other color variation is black, white, brown, brown with strips at wing, White splash black, white splash brown, black-white, brown-white and others. The neck feather is beetle in color that will shine when they get sun light. The male usually has more beautiful color than the female.

It is 238 to 380 gram in weight. It has black sharp long bills. The feet are red in color and no feather.

This bird is fussy eater that can accept all seed and grain. They also eat human foot such as pop corn, peanut, biscuit, bread crunch, tortilla, and others.

The bird is a prolific bird and can proliferate in short time. A female pigeon can lay two pinkish white eggs in a season. The Father and mother hatch the eggs alternately in 17-19 days. Both male and female will care the baby pigeon until the baby can leave the nest or about a month. Both male and female will crunch pigeon food at their crop that contains crop milk too. The parent will feed the kid with its bill.


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