Infamous 2 Video Game

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PlayStation 3

1-Player Action (Multiplayer TBD)

Sony Computer Entertainment

By Sucker Punch Productions

Release: June 7, 2011

Sucker Punch Productions was reluctant to expose any fresh information about Infamous 2 at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, but it did tease that the greatest changes to this sequel haven’t been revealed. How Cole’s morals are judged might be one of these big changes.

Brian Fleming, Infamous 2’s producer, was quick to dodge any questions relating to Cole’s stance in the world, but did comment that Sucker Punch wants players to feel like “the ultimate super villain or super hero.” This statement definitely falls in line with the moral arc from the first game, but Fleming did add up that Cole will start this sequel with much of the powers he wielded before, like the power line grind. This, naturally, brings into question what course the player chose and whether or not the game would read a save file like Mass Effect 2 does. Fleming would not even offer a hint; insisting “we are not talking about morality at this point.”

The game was still early in development upon testing, but the game play already feels as fine-tuned as any major retail release. Cole’s power to scamper up buildings is as fluid as before. But why ascend buildings to reach your foes when you can level the structure they’re standing on? A series of grenade lobs would do the trick, but his newest move, an electrical tornado, would do the trick right away and it would also suck up every trash can, car and civilian as it spins chaotically around heavily populated streets.

Cole’s newfound affection for close-quarters melee (and large whacking sticks) shows stylish Spider-Man-like animations, cinematic camera placement, and snail-paced slow motion for players to relish the moment. One of the most rewarding moments was to knock civilians into cars using a swing that would make Ryan Howard proud.

With Infamous 2, the enemies can be really large. A view of a gorgeously detailed cathedral was blanketed by a gigantic green beast that’s easily between seven to ten stories tall. The creature thrashed and screamed violently, and before Cole could engage it the screen faded to black.


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