Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Game Review

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When Brotherhood was first announced, many gamers presumed that the on going adventures of Ezio will be a little more than an add-on to the existing game. That could have been fine, but Ubisoft has far larger ambitions in mind for this newest installment. The company took the opportunity at E3 to exhibit the many ways that the new Assassin’s title will stick out from its predecessors.

The biggest modification is the addition of multi-player. Dr. Vidic is employing the dozens of Anmus machines seen at Abstergo in the 2nd game to condition his Templar to fight Desmond and the other Assassins. In Brotherhood, players assume the roles of these trainees as they learn the arts of subterfuge and deception

There is a thrilling new game mode known as Wanted, wherein each player slips into a unique Renaissance persona, from beguiling courtesan to sneaking prowler. Every player is delegated a target – another player concealed in the crowd. At the same time, each player is being hunted too. Amid the several similar-looking figures walking the streets of the city, it’s a unique challenge to pick out your target. On defense, you could protect yourself by maintaining a low profile and intermingling well with the crowd. Inevitably, somebody makes a wrong move, and the chase is on. The game’s rooftop chases bring a much greater threat when a real player is on your heels. Special powers allow players to morph and hide in the environment, or acquire special offensive strikes like a long-range gunshot. The elemental effect is a brand-new dynamic for multiplayer are all about deception and agility – an excellent pairing to the single-player experience.

That single-player campaign is getting some equally impressive additions and developments. As the story begins, Ezio has felled the corrupt pope and came back to his villa in Monteriggioni, only to have it surrounded by more of the devilish Borgia family. All the hard work building up the villa is lost as cannons and siege towers assault the walls.

When the day is done, Ezio has lost everything, and is impelled to begin anew in Rome. Now fully trained as a master assassin, he commences to gather fledgling recruits to his cause. Even as he roams the streets of Rome fighting the Borgia, he continually grows and trains his troops, sending them out on assassination missions across Europe to ready them for the fights that lie ahead. Each member of your brotherhood acquires levels and abilities, and can then be called upon in exciting Brotherhood Assistance Moments (BAMs) to cross out at enemies. Call down an assassin from the rooftops to stab a rifleman lookout. Send out a flurry of crossbow bolts into a phalanx of guards. Have your men cast a bevy of smoke bombs into a well-protected church. The game does an awesome job of communicating that Ezio is now a leader of a small army, and the player gets to harvest the reward of that sensation.


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