Water Tubing In Maitum

Water Tubing in Maitum. Rainy season is not really dry season for the extreme. For some adventurers, this is the time to enjoy the outdoors and get that adrenaline rush pouring! Sports Unlimited visited Manny Pacquiao’s turf, Sarangani, for some wild white water river tubing. From a 1-hour and 45-minute flight from Manila to General Santos City, Sports Unlimited took a 127-kilometer land travel to Maitum, Sarangani. Maitum, dubbed as “Mindanao’s Old World,” is the gateway to unspoiled nature and extreme ventures. From pawikan sanctuaries and bat sanctuaries, to waterfalls and scuba diving areas, this town is slowly becoming a famous tourist spot. Sports Unlimited’s friends from Go Sarangani Travel promised the adventure team a new extreme activity with the right spunk for Sports Unlimited. White water river tubing in Pangi River started way back 2005. Resident T’bolis and Ilocanos from Barangay New La Union formed a group of river guides for this unique tubing experience. Compared to rubber boats used in river rafting, tubing uses recycled rubber tires to chase the rapids. These tires are specially designed by the guides, making these seats super fit for the rough rapids of Pangi River. It’s actually comfortable to sit on. It has a rubber tied at the center for the butts’ comfort, and has handles for the hands to grip and balance. The moment the Sports Unlimited Team went down the stream, they immediately got a taste of Pangi River’s wild welcome! It was pretty fast, bouncy and rough! The rain also started to pour in as they rode on each of their tires. The river was definitely getting more swollen and the current more ready for their extreme appetite! This kind of extreme gets along with anyone with a fearless heart. Even the 8-year-old Matthew braved the rapids like he was having the time of his life! Marc and Anton also let out their boyish grins while Dyan screamed with delight! Sports Unlimited Team surely filled more than enough of their adrenaline rush. White water tubing is definitely a different experience from white water rafting. Tubing might scare off first timers since it’s seemingly dangerous, having no means of paddling the course. But in reality, tubers do not really fight the rapids alone. Each tire is strapped to one to two other tires, with a guide on each tire who will navigate the ride. Tubing is actually safe with the great river guides who know the Pangi River like the back of their hands. From sudden drops and whirlpools to twists and turns of the river, these guides are the river masters. They also work as a team. They communicate before each drop and help each other with the dangerous points. No need to fret as they prioritize the tubers’ safety 100% of the time. They might do all the navigating but the extreme experience is still reserved for those willing to take an adventure. With feet dangling on the waters, the tubers could feel the bumps more, with an intense speed! Plus there’s really no time to dry the face as the raging river will make sure everybody will get wet all the time! Maitum’s white water tubing does not only give the best seat to experience the adrenaline rush, but also to admire the spectacular views of Pangi River. Most of the time, the tubers had to catch their breaths in between the big drops. The lush greens and beautiful boulders certainly gave them a good break from the river’s fierce side! Tubing in Pangi River is absolutely in the whitest waters. It was awarded as one of the cleanest rivers in the country and it is crystal clear white even during the rainy season! The whole 1.6 kilometers of white water tubing was intensely wild! Everybody felt like flipping over, but thanks to the great guides, they felt the right thud without getting tossed over! After all the wild experience, everybody just got used to the bounces and even relished each drop. The rapids were very fast. The whole Sports Unlimited Team covered the whole course in less than 30 minutes! White Water River Tubing is definitely recommended for all extreme lovers. The 1.6 kilometer course is just worth 120 pesos, with unlimited soaks, thuds, screams and non-stop fun!

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