My Best Friend And Striped Soulmate: My Baby Tabby Cat

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“Baby” as I named her, was a tiny little kitten, the vet said 2-3 weeks at the most as he removed her ear mites, looked her tiny body over and suggested her spaying surgery for several months down the line, hoping that she will grow big and strong by then. He stated that she was in great health considering that she was found in an abandoned car with her siblings, a ball of tiny furry creatures that looked more like mice than kittens. I can only hope that her Mother was out hunting when someone noticed the cries of these tiny babies about to be demolished along with the rusty old car they called home. My little Tabby cat was rescued while her siblings went to a vet who promised they would be placed in foster homes until old enough for adoption.

So began the relatioship between this tiny little kitten and I. Althouigh I was working full time, I had to try and work her bottle feedings around my hours. She loved her bottle, it resembled a bottle that I used as a child to pretend feed my baby dolls! We filled it with the kitten formula mixture from the pet store and she went to town, sucking and pawing, her little striped feet gently pushed into my hand as she tried to get every drop. If the milk was not getting to her fast enough she became furious and bit my hands. Sometimes I had to make the opening in the nipple larger so she could get more milk. She grew, played and finally learned to use her cat box, which by the way, was not my favorite part of being Mama Cat. How I wished that they made kitty diapers, and although I see doggy diapers frequently, I have never seen anything to help feline bed wetters.

Needless to say, potty training was finally complete and Baby became my constant companion! Her favorite game to this day is hide and seek, she stands by the door on her hind legs and uses the element of surprise as you enter the room. She then expects me to do the same, chasing and then hiding from her. I usually do, playing for hours with her cat dancer. catnip or anything from her little basket of toys. Loves to be brushed as long as you don’t go near her back and tail region. Otherwise she is in heaven feeling the bristols across her neck and head. One thing Baby does not like is other cats!

In our current living situation, I am fostering 8-9 homeless cats in my garage. Baby can smell them which is bad enough but she really gets ferocious when the cats wander on the patio as she is sunning herself and she sees them. It sounds like a cougar attack. These homeless cats are rarely bothered by her unfriendly words though and so she ends up with a horse meow and an attitude, retiring anrgy to the bedroom. She seems to sleep more now that she is getting older, if that is possible, cats seem to sleep all day no matter how old they are, but I have noticed that she has slowed down quite a bit lately. I just want my striped soulmate to be happy and I can not imagine life with out my forever feline friend.She is indeed irreplaceable and has made a huge impact on my life, enhancing it like no one else could.


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