How to Use Mla Format in an Essay With Quotations

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  • 1 To begin with the standard size for MLA format is: 12 pt, Times New Roman.
    To change to this font and size go to format, then font, and choose size 12 and font Times New Roman.

  • 2

    To add your Header go to view -> Header & Footer. A text box will appear. Indent to the right and type your last name then space and click on the insert page number. ( Looks like this : #) You can now close the box.
    The header and footer should be half an inch from the top of the page and will automatically add your last name and the page number to each page.

  • 3

    To set a one inch margin on all four sides of your paper for MLA, go to file -> Page setup -> Margins. Make all four sides (Right, left, bottom, top) one inch.

  • 4

    Now you can set your paper to double space automatically. Go to Format -> Paragraph ->Indents and Spacing -> and under line spacing click Double. -> Ok

  • 5

    Now you may type in the Header. First your first name and last name.
    Then press enter to go to the second line and type in Instructor. Enter again and type in your course. Enter and then type in the date.
    Ex. (26 August 2009) See Image.

  • 6

    You can now add you title to the center of the page. (Use the center indent icon of the standard toolbar at the top). Make sure to capitalize important words of your title.

  • 7

    Make sure you text starts from the left (left indent) and tab your paragraphs. That is to say your paragraphs need to be five spaces indented or one half inch.

  • 8

    Now would be a good time to save! Go to file -> Save -> Type in the name of your file -> then click save on the left. Afterwards you may simply type ctrl S (Hold onto both ctrl and S to save). Make sure you do this correctly if unsure simply save the first way. (File then save).

  • 9

    To use quotients in your essay simply use quotations marks.
    EX. Refer to previous image
    If a quotation is less than 40 words follow this procedure.
    If a quotation is longer than 40 words will be in what is called block format. This is where you indent one inch (ten spaces). To do this press enter -> tab key twice. You don’t need to add quotations marks.

  • 10

    To cite quotation marks simple type in the authors last name and the page number where the quotations mark is located in parenthesis.
    EX. (Norton 786)
    This will be used to refer back to your work cited page.


    *  Don’t make the MLA harder than it is! Work step by step.



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