How we Can Utilize Youtube And Other Social Platforms to Scale Positive Change

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Social Media as a Means of Scaling Social Change
KR: So can all these social media tools lead to some type of social change?
SM: I believe the true power of social media is to scale and accelerate the connective tissue between people around what they care about. We are reweaving the network of relationships around the world that, to some extent, we lost because, for years, we listened to media companies that had a monopoly, to our employers with our hierarchical situation, to our government. But now, for the first time we are able to talk amongst ourselves and share what we care about in an uncensored, unfiltered way. The way I like to think of it is: Technology is teaching us to be human again. It is allowing us to express our innate empathy for each other, so if you see, in real time, people trapped between the floors of buildings in Haiti, and at the same time that technology allows us to text a donation just as easily, it’s fundamentally human to respond. So technology is reawakening this concern for each other by allowing us to act on it in ways that weren’t possible when we were effectively separated from one another because we were always listening to someone else who was trying to tell us what to do.
KR: You’ve mentioned Facebook and Twitter. What about things like YouTube? Is it still part of this social platform stratus?
SM: YouTube is powerful for several reasons. Firstly, it is the premium platform for video sharing around the world and, obviously, people engage more readily with something which is familiar. At the same time, I think it’s a new studio model. YouTube is allowing content of different form lengths, which may be 30 seconds to a minute, but now we’re also seeing the rise of YouTube stars who are releasing their own feature-length movies. What YouTube is allowing brands to accept the fact that consumers are becoming media companies in their own right. So what does a brand do? Does it get defensive and try to protect the profit centers and business models of the past, or does it wade into those waters and try to create content in a way that not only suits the format, but is appealing to their customer base so they want to share it on their behalf. So YouTube is basically the channel for everybody out there, including brands, and is an incredibly powerful tool that will only rise in importance in the coming years.


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