Trophy Elk Hunt

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Hunting in Wisconsin : What To Look For In A Trophy Elk Hunt

When looking to book a trophy elk hunt there are many factors to consider. Time, cost, success rate, the size of bulls available, and most importantly, the experience as a whole. As exciting as it is to put a trophy mount on the wall, and meat in your freezer, the story of how you got to that point is as important as the hunt itself. Many people have traveled “Out West” for years in search of the elusive trophy bulls, some with success, some not. The out west experience is definitely worth consideration, if you have the time, and are in tip top physical condition, and you can get the tags necessary to hunt. On the other hand, consider a guaranteed trophy elk hunt while hunting in Wisconsin at a quality ranch. A quality ranch can provide an adrenaline pumping hunt in a free range environment, and still afford you the luxury of a warm dry bed, meals prepared by a chef, and indoor bathrooms. The best part, is that not only are you going home with meat and a trophy, but you will be taken care of by people who are professionals in the industry and care about your overall experience.

A trophy elk hunt can be the most exciting trip you will ever plan. When hunting in Wisconsin, a quality ranch will take care of much of the preparation for you and help to make the overall experience a positive one. No tags to worry about, no food and bedding to pack, no dates and deadlines to worry about, just schedule your hunt when it is convenient for you, and let the outfitter take care of the rest. You can spend your time enjoying the scenery, and the thrill of your hunt, without the added worries.

Vacation time is precious. For some, it means spending one week trying to hunt somewhere, and spending another week with family at a resort or something similar. Wisconsin elk hunting ranches provide an opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. Luxurious lodging, fishing, photo safaris and more are all activities that can be included in your package. With most Wisconsin elk hunts, the outfitters have taken all the stress out of planning your trip, and will work with you to customize your experience and tailor it around your specific needs and wants. The outfitter has all inclusive packages for onsite lodging, meals, stands, guides and field prep. All you need to do is pick the date and show up for an elk hunting vacation, with memories to last a lifetime for you and your family.

The guides on a trophy elk hunting ranch are generally full time professional employees who know and understand the land, and the animals that live on it. They are able to talk with you and understand exactly what you are looking for and help you achieve your goals while providing first class service. Your guide will set up on the best trails that the elk have been traveling through and be able to key in on travel routes, feeding, and bedding areas that are being used most recently. They will do the calling for you, help you to decide which elk is the biggest in your package to harvest, and talk you through the shot. At the end of the day you are guaranteed a trophy elk to take home and put on your wall, and a story to tell for years to come.

The bottom line is, planning a trophy elk hunt should be a positive rewarding experience, one that you will have lasting positive memories whether you are telling all your friends about when they are looking at your trophy on the wall, or viewing your hunt video. Consider a rewarding Wisconsin elk hunt.


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