Nafakum And The Beautiful Waterways of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Hill tracts had been elusive to the mass people for a long period especially due to the political turbulence and the armed separatist movements. Now as the peace is in the restoration process, the place is now getting unwrapped; both in terms of culture and communication. The places that were once accessible only by the native community (and occasionally heavily armed Bangladeshi army, tensed with the possibility of an imminent ambush by Shanti Bahini!) are now getting exposed to tourists from the plains…. Hidden inside the Hill tracts are locations where a person can be briefly mystified as though he/she is experiencing a walk in the Amazon jungles or a boat ride through Malaysian rain forests!

Once such spot in the Bandarban region is ‘Nafakum’. The area holds a gorgeous fountain approachable only on foot from Remakri Bazar. From Remakri Bazar , it takes approximately two and a half hours trek through a local stream. While reaching the fountain, a walker needs to crisscross the waterway at numerous points ranging from knee deep to hip deep water (at winter times).

Immediately, a very rational query might arise in the readers’ mind… “Where is this Remakri Bazar; and how to get there”? On the record Remakri Bazar is a union under Thanchi Thana. The only approach to Remakri Bazar from Thanchi is through either on foot or boat. The boat voyage all through Shankha river from Thanchi can be an outstanding experience in any tourist’s life. The entire river route is filled with natural splendor stretching from crystal clear water with rocky bed, or dense rain forest on both the sides, or any unexpected appearance of a solitary shake of some jhum farmer on the clearing of a jungle, and the list goes on.

Thanchi is the final tip where automobiles, from Bandarban district head quarter, can reach. The mission afterwards would be to charter a dhingy or two (depending on the size of the group) along with the essential boatmen for the next two days. Usually a group has to have a night stay at Tindu Bazaar, located roughly in the mid way between Thanchi and Remakri.

More or less from the commencement of the boat ride, the scenery starts  to  turn into more lovely and hilly; and the hills start to grow steeper and higher. Thick flora on both the sides with sparkling river water renders a super pleasure ride. The canone like dhinghies just season up the adventure sensation! Countless times, the adventurous brain will engender  a feeling of you, being Indiana Jones, working through the Peruvian jungles on treasure hunt or discover a lost civilization!

Almost immediately after starting from Tindu to Remakri, the sight of ‘Bara Pathor (English literal meaning ‘big rock’) approaches with a gigantic astonishment to the viewers.  The site is jam-packed with massive rocks which, at first sight, seem to be impassable by boat. After roughly a two and a half hours rowing, the boat arrives at Remakri Khum (I deduce,’khum’ denotes ‘cascade’ in tribal language).

After reaching Remakri Bazaar, the visitors will be able to place their luggage in the rest house( once more; do not anticipate much!) and advance for Nafakum on foot. It’s better to rush as the path to Nafakum is quite ROCKY and tough to hike, and it takes quite a while and a lot of stamina to get to the location. It might become dark before getting back to Remakri Bazaar, and in such a situation it would develop in to a trickier march alongside the untidy rock packed walk way.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the sweat and strenuous expedition, the spectacle of Nafakum is sufficiently amusing to make you cherry to come to see it! Our country Bangladesh has many surprises that need to be explored!


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