Top 10 of Make Believe

I have watched loads of television over the years where there have been so many good characters, which have made me laugh and sit on the edge of my seat. Here is my top 10:

1. Joey from Friends – He’s just so innocent and goofy you’ve got to love him. He is the big child that everyone still has in them but doesn’t always let out. The most memorable moment with Joey is, him and Chandler playing ‘fireball’ where do they come up with some of their ideas it’s so funny.

2. Chandler from Friends – Ah Chandler who is so dorky and just never knows what to do. Him and Joey together are just great to watch. I liked the way his character found a soft side when him and Monica got together. When I think of Chandler I think ‘Blah Blah Blah Blah!’

3. Edie from Desperate Housewives – She’s so cunning and no matter how much you try you can’t hate her character. I am so gutted that they killed her off in Desperate Housewives because without her there isn’t the same mischief. Edie seems so confident and brass but you found that she has got feelings and a very soft side to her.

4. Bre from Desperate Housewives – She is so prim and proper yet her family is so not what she would want them to be. Her aim to try and hide and portray the perfect family (most times with no such luck) it is great as she goes into her little rants and raves every now and then.

5. Sawyer from Lost – He wins hands down on hotness over Jack any day! With his dark and moody personality which always has you guessing. Every now and then you see his soft side. But even if he couldn’t act he’s still so hot lol!

6. Joy from My Name is Earl – even though she’s not the main character I still think she is the funniest. He little rants and constant scheming is so funny to watch she really makes me laugh. She is always trying to get one over on Earl.

7. JD from Scrubs – His sarcastic humour and bluntness is funny to watch as he freaks out most episodes. I think I like him so much as he shows the thoughts and fears of most people and even though he acts so cool and calm he really thinks the same as everyone else.

8. Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses – This one has to be on this list as he has entertained countless people over the years from the show. Even when he is up to bad he’s such a loveable character.

9. Homer from The Simpson’s – I think the Simpson’s are so successful because everyone can relate to one of the characters in the family. Homer has to be one of my favourites as he is just so slow and dopey. He lives his life through his own eyes oblivious to what’s going around him.

10. Bender from Futurama – I have to say I really had underestimated this show but when I was in Australia it was on the television constantly and I realised that it was funnier than I first gave it credit. Bender who is a lazy robot that is very sarcastic acts like a normal human. When him and Fry get together it is funny to watch as they bounce off each other’s characters.  

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