Ps. I Love You (The Film)

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PS. I love you (The Film)

When I first heard about this film I didn’t want to watch it as I felt it would be too sad and maybe a tad creepy but after the rave reviews I caved and watched it. I was so glad I did as it has been one of the best films I have ever seen in a long time.

The story follows Holly whose husband (Gerry) dies very early on in the film. He has left her letters, which keep being sent to Holly mysteriously every month in the post. Holly is not getting over Gerry at all and the letters help give her the push she needs to help her move on and rebuild her life. Each letter tells Holly to do something different and each ends with P.S. I love you. It is quite a romantic film, which could make you cry, but is light hearted all at the same time. Gerry has Holly doing lots of different things from singing to sending her to a trip to Ireland. By the time his letter stop Holly is stronger and is ready to move on as she has accepted what has happened and that he has died. Throughout the film you find out how Holly and Gerry met, about their relationship and it shows just how much in love they were. You feel like you can relate to them.

Hilary Swank is the main character in this film. She is Holly and I think she plays the part very well. She shows Holly’s emoticons well. Gerry is played by Gerard Butler who also puts on a good performance as the loveable Gerry. The only problem is his Irish accent wasn’t good at all. Being Irish myself I struggled to work out why he was speaking so funny (I thought he had a lisp). Also I never would have figured out that he was Irish only they said and it was drawn to my attention. Apart from that he made Gerry a very likeable character.

After watching the film I read the book and realised there was so much more to the story than was in the film. I feel they should maybe have put more of this into the film. At the same time it may have confused people slightly. The film is set in America whereas the book is set in Ireland. These differences didn’t spoil the film though as it was very entertaining and gave out a good message about death. It showed that Holly could get over Gerry yet not forget him. She ended up celebrating his life and was happy that she met him in the first place. Her friends help her a lot in the film. One of them is rather stern but that’s what Holly needs as her friend loves her and wants to see her happy again. The other friend is quieter and softer towards her, both of them help her through the hard times she faces.

I give this film 10/10 as it is a great story full of surprises which will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will laugh and cry within the 126 minutes. In the end Holly becomes stronger which leaves you content to leave the story there. It costs £1.99 to buy the DCD online on .com, which I think is good value as you could watch it over and over. That means a lot as I never like to watch a film more than once!

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