What Dreams May Come – Sacrificing Your Dreams For True Love

What Dreams May Come


Chris Neilson played by Robin Williams and his wife Annie played by Annabella Sciorra are soul mates. They are deeply in love and lose their children through a car crash early in the film. Then Chris dies which puts Annie into turmoil. Chris exists after his death and is delighted that in heaven he is in one of Annie’s magnificent paintings of where they were going to grow old at.

Once he has come to terms with the fact that he has died but still exists, he feels unfulfilled without his wife and is longing to be with her. While on earth Annie can not endure the pain, suffering and depression of losing her family so she ends her life to be with them. When Chris hears of Annie’s passing and the news that he can never be with Annie as suicides go to hell, he is devastated.

Undeterred he decides he will go through hell to find Annie and being her back with him to heaven even though he is told it is not possible. He embarks on his journey to find Annie and along the way he meets his children in unexpected forms.

He has to think about memories of Annie which will bring him closer to her so there are a lot of flashbacks and you start to understand their lives together piece by piece. The ending is a happy one, which helps make up for the very grim start and middle. Its message is that true love will conquer all.


Chris the main actor is played by Robin Williams where he is rather serious and he plays the part very well. He seems quite a strong and determined character that will go to great lengths for his wife Annie.

Annie’s played by Annabella Sciorra who always seems very pretty even though she spends most of the film crying. Her character is very fragile and weak without her husband. She needs him there to help her be strong as he has helped her through so much in her life. Annie blames herself for their children’s death even though it wasn’t her fault and Chris helped her get through her desperation and depression. The two are very much in love in fact they are soul mates and this can be seen clearly seen from the start.


This film tackles some hard subjects like death and life after death. It sounds rather morbid and depressing. Parts of the film are very dark and graphic which some people may find upsetting. The graphics are very bright and colourful when Chris is living in the painting it is stunning. I really wish I had seen this film on the big screen, as it would have been breathtaking.

The certificate is 15 however in my opinion I think it should be 18 due to the storyline and how graphic some of the scenes are. This film will really get you thinking and makes you feel that there is life after death. It brings lots of different religions into life after death mentioning God and reincarnation so it doesn’t concentrate on one particular religion and is very general about death.

Overall I like this film and think that it has been very well put together. The scenes are very graphic and could be upsetting if you have had to deal with any of the issues from the film.

The message from the film is that love will conquer all and that if you really love someone you can go through hell to find them and still survive. It has some strong saying like Annie says she feels all alone in a sea full of faces and they use this when Chris is looking for her in literally a sea full of faces in hell which I think is cleaver.

It is a film worth watching as is it will get you thinking but it may not be for everyone, as they may not like the storyline. The movie lasts approximately 108 minutes, which I think is good value as it is something completely different to any other film I have seen before.  

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