Wheeled Loaders For Sale New And Used

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Wheeled Loaders For Sale, finding the right one, new or used? And Why It’s just as important of whom you buy from.

Advancements in machine design and technology play an important role in finding the best wheeled loader brands on the market. It’s a must to do research and be certain that the wheeled loader is equipped with reliable main components so you and your company are maintaining a completive edge over the competition.

Machine Design and Technology and Key Points to Consider New or Used
Advanced features and technology add significant value when compared to others.

• Operators Cab: Look for increased safety due to better visibility.
• Sound and vibration: Less noise will result in a safer more comfortable environment.
• Serviceability: Ground level access to critical service points filters and sight gauges for easy maintenance.
• Operator Controls and Environment: The Wheeled Loaders that have fully automatic air conditioned, more storage compartment space, sliding left window, adjustable full right side arm and wrist rest, full color monitor with intuitive menus, 15 degree cab access ladder with aluminum steps that make access safer and easier.
• Versatile Work Mode Switches: Some Wheeled loaders are equipped with on dash switches that control engine power modes (economy, standard, power), Trans shift modes (manual, auto off, auto light, auto normal, and auto heavy). Three clutch cut off modes (light, medium, heavy). These switches allow the operator to adjust the settings on the loader to match the work load requirement greatly improving fuel efficiency.
• Full Automatic Transmissions: A must have for wheeled loaders assuring maximum durability, minimum power loss, better clutch control and minimized shifting shock when traveling for a smoother ride.
• Service Access: Access doors for wheeled loaders need to open wider with removable side panels for more access.
• Frame Components: While Wheeled Loaders are known for their strength, look for redesigned frame for additional access to the engine and coolers with improved strength of the frame but also the castings for the “dog-bone” or bucket link and the steering cylinder lugs.
• GPS Remote Management System: Some Wheel Loaders are now equipped with the GPS system to remotely monitor operating information, prompt alarms if loaders are removed from geographic area preventing theft by reporting the Wheeled loaders location day or night. GPS also reports fuel usage, maintenance intervals which allow you better tracking and understanding of the loaders performance all from the comfort of your corporate office headquarters or home office
• Fuel Efficiency and Productivity: In tests some wheeled loaders out preformed them all for fuel economy and more production per gallon!


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